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Running tally, and other tools of procrastination.

At darkvixen1979's behest, I'm compiling a running archive of unrealized ideas and evil plot bunnies. Consider it a great big challenge post - some have excerpts posted of pieces I'd already started, some are just pitches (and some are vague, at that - I wouldn't want to ruin it for future readers). If you see an idea that piques your interest, let me know and it's all yours.*


Roswell (Michael/Liz, Kyle, Alex, Tess, post-"Ask Not")
Okay... this is my baby. Seriously, it's the one thing I'd write if I wasn't deathly afraid of the epic by now. And it will be epic. Complete with Antarian history, spy games, and dark, brilliant, cold and calculating and evil Tess (I'm a student of the "if she's going to be bad, go all out" school). This is the one title, btw, that I'd be a stickler about keeping, and the one fic I'd be incredibly picky and stingy about handing off. Since I'll never feasibly do it, I really want it in the right hands.

Ping (Crawling in My Skin)
Roswell (Tess, mid-S2)
They’d never know. The extent of her ability, the cost at which it came… Not even he had known, with all he had seen, all he had taught her, all he had teased and chided and said that she lacked. They’d all been wary, since the day she’d arrived, each for different reasons. And knowing that, feeling the tiny trill of distrust creep up her spine every time one of them had laid eyes on her, had been comforting then. It meant control, power not borne of alien means – that simply came from pouty lips, a healthy helping of cleavage, and an unspoken, unhealthy, unexplainable hold over the one they looked to for leadership. But her protector… he had always been a little afraid of her.

Perhaps he had suspected more than he’d let on.

Roswell (Michael/Liz, mid-"End of the World")
Probably the darkest bunny I've ever had. Liz is out of ideas (and developing powers), Max isn't getting the picture (and is more persistent than ever), and desperate times call for desperate measures. Secrets, lies, betrayal, and character death. Now property of darkvixen1979. Color me giddy.

Roswell (Michael/Liz, Max, mid-S3)
Originally a challenge from Robyn that I started and stopped and started again... The idea is amazing (in saving her life, Max has marked Liz as a protector... something he takes full advantage of down the line), and it's one that I keep going back to, and absolutely deserves to be told, regardless of my hemming and hawing.

Holding My Last Breath
Roswell (Michael, Liz, post-"Destiny")
I envisioned it as a one-shot - Liz walks away (in a show of backbone), Michael follows (in a show of protection). If he found her down the line, badly wounded with no help in sight, how would things unfold?
“No!” she wailed. “Don’t pull it out, it could be slowing the bleeding. Just…”

She trailed off, squeezing her eyes shut. Her body went rigid for a few torturous seconds, and she bit into her lip with bruising force. “Just snap it off close to the wound, Michael.” I stared at her, frozen, and she laughed, the sound almost a wheeze.

The Devil's Advocate
Roswell (Michael/Liz/Kyle, S3 AU)
One alien hybrid, one changed human, and one woman between them. A tale of possession, jealousy, broken friendships and bonding gone wrong.

Roswell/Dark Angel (Michael/Liz, Alec/Max, AU)
Michael in Manticore, Alec loose in the world, and Nasedo being Nasedo. Blame kalenodonnell for this one.
169, 170…

He counted. Matched the dull thump of his boots to the pulse between his ears, ticked off each one like a second hand. Forty steps to barracks. Ninety-three paces to the yards. He could be back in his quarters in ten seconds flat. But the distance to freedom was unknown, so he counted, higher than he ever had before.

173, 174…

The footfalls that shadowed him, so much lighter on the gleaming hallway floors, made for constant figures. Four hundred toes on forty bare feet. Zero guns in their caravan, but twenty weapons strong. They padded toward the unknown, following him faithfully, blindly, and their thoughts, filled with wonder and uncertainty and far too many to count, crammed between the numbers in his head.

178, 179…

Truth, Justice, and Absolute Power
Smallville (Clark, Chloe, Lex, Oliver, Lionel, Victor, Diana, Bart, Jason, Lana & others)
Another epic. Very good-versus-evil, AU if you squint. The JLA crew (with Chloe as Oracle - er, "Watchtower" - naturally), up against dark!Lex (think "Onyx" without the camp), evil Jason done right, Lana the moll, and a couple surprises. Plus a seemingly-reformed yet indifferent Lionel, looking out for number one, as always. Big power struggle (and some of that is literal), none of the stones and 14th-century witch possession. I loved the idea, still do - and I'd really love to have it told.

*Titles can be changed - I've listed my original title ideas along with the plot outlines because I'm anal that way.
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