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The life and times and old first lines

Gakked from musesfool: Ask me about my fic--something I wrote, character, plotline, even a really short commentary--and I'll give you an explanation, snippet, or something. Kind of like a dvd commentary, but shorter and faster.

And from just about everyone else: The First Lines Meme.

To think, this was supposed to be freedom.
:: "Here Without You", Roswell. My first fic ever. Feel the emo. (This is painful. If I didn't find the whole thing so maddening, I'd order a rewrite post haste.)

I ran blindly through the dark, the wind whipping furiously on my face.
:: "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" Series, Roswell. Does the emo never end?

Michael Guerin looked about his bright kitchen, blinking to clear the sleep from his eyes.
:: "Moment of Truth" (written with queenie__b), Roswell. We were going for fluff. Pure, shameless fluff. Notice the difference?

It’s October 12th.
:: "Building a Mystery", Roswell. For some reason, this is entirely too humorous. Note to self: never start a fic with a journal entry again.

Dark, narrowed eyes locked on an intoxicated stranger as he leered at his petite waitress, tossing out lewd phrases and drunken invitations between long swigs of MGD.
:: "Taking Over Me", Roswell/Angel. My first attempt at a crossover, and at writing anywhere near this many characters (though I stuck firmly to two POVs). Of all my WIPs, I miss this one the most.

“It’s probably somewhere at home… Did you check the closet next to the bathroom?”
:: "Calling the Shots", Roswell. Somewhere between the journal entry and this "jump into dialogue" method, I think I was experimenting. Still not sure if they were entirely successful.

”Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign."
:: "Back to You", Roswell. Written for the Guilty Pleasure PA challenge, and still my record-holder for fastest chapter (fourteen pages in just under an hour). I need to pick it back up, since Kyle's still coming through loud and clear in my head.

:: "Grey Sky Morning", Roswell. Scratch the earlier NTS, rewind. Never start anything by screaming Max's name.

He breathed.
:: "Something for the Pain" (Crossroads series), Roswell. The first part in what was going to be a one-shot tag team relay with polarthestral, based on, of all things, Bon Jovi songs. For perhaps the first time in history (and certainly the first time in my relationship with B), I delivered, she didn't. It's a small victory, but you take what you can get.

She must think I’m stupid.
:: "No Man is an Island", LOST. Still the shortest thing I've ever written, and the only piece in this fandom, but I sort of love it for what it is. Sawyer's a little... all-consuming.

Her name was Daisy, and she was the first girl he’d loved outside of his momma.
:: "Definition as a State of Being", Firefly. I'd like to think that everyone has a soft spot for their first Mal. He's just the kind of character that lives and breathes in your head, and happens to be in an agreeable mood while you spill the details of his life onto paper.

He storms from the shuttle, anger hardening his features even as pride holds his head high, and her eyes follow where she cannot.
:: "So Have I For You", Firefly. I still have no idea where this one came from. Perhaps the desire to get some kind of post-Serenity closure for Mal and Inara? To gain some insight into her character? To use the one line that popped into my head? (Yeah, I totally shaped the ficlet around it. Go me.)

He watches her from the mouth of the engine room, near doubled in two, face streaked with grease and half-hidden by loose knots of her hair.
:: "Walk the Edge", Firefly. I am literally two paragraphs from finishing the new part of this one, and instead I've been writing bookfic and crack crossovers starring one Dean Winchester. Somebody flog me, please.

He sits on the bridge with the ghost of a pilot and the shell of girl, trying to make himself belong somewhere he rightfully should.
:: "Spectres and Shells" (Stars Go Blue Series), Firefly. My first slice of Mal and River once the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared. Now if I could only get to the "series" part...

The styrofoam cup seemed to taunt her from the trash can, half-full and still steaming, and she almost felt guilty.
:: "Riding the Crave", Smallville. Chloe is my new girl!whore. As with Gunn (mmm, Gunn), I've been shipping her with anybody I can get my hands on. Next up: the Winchester boys. (We won't talk about how rare a female POV is for me, right Lisa?)

"Do we have a problem, X5-494?"
:: "The Myth of Fingerprints", Roswell/Dark Angel. Damn, I'd almost forgotten this one. *hides from kalenodonnell*

George had teased her about the moment – The first time, he’d warbled, tunelessly and completely annoying but ever the George she adored, ever I saw your face – ribbed her about it until she’d rolled her eyes and batted him away, proclaiming the very notion ridiculous.
:: "Stir of Echoes", Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy. The crack!fic that I keep talking about. Every time I think it's almost done, something else pops into my head. Hopefully I can wrap it this week.

Ribbons of sweet-smelling haze filled the Escalade, crawling across the napped ceiling as if looking for an escape.
:: "Of All Our Yesterdays (Sunrise, Sunset)", Black Dagger Brotherhood. A gift for Q. Bookfic is a different animal, one I'm not entirely sure I can get used to. I have new respect for all you HP authors out there.

Sam Anders wasn’t a soldier, but he’d waged war every day.
:: "The Fall of Endymion" (Phases of Gravity series), Battlestar Galactica. Bookfic and crack!fic aside, I may end up loving this trilogy most of all.

It's a good thing there's no "last line" meme - this list would be a lot shorter.

Signed up for spn_summerlove, because everybody needs a little Winchester het now and then. All the cool kids are doing it. You should, too. And by you, I mean Sara.
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