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Ponies and Pricelessness

This is what happens when you sit down at your computer before work. First, you find a video that's just further evidence that Jensen and Jared are firmly entrenched in the throes of man love (as if two seasons of SPN weren't enough). I give you Exhibit A:

Jared: Hi, I’m Jared Padalecki, I play Sam Winchester, and I like long walks on the beach.
Jensen: I’m Jensen Ackles, I play Dean Winchester on Supernatural.
Jared: And he likes ponies.
Jensen: And I like riding… ponies.

And its partner in crime, Exhibit B:

Jensen: That downtime is used, used primarily for, uh, learning, studying and trying to really pick up the, the nuances of the, the next scene we’re shooting.
Jared: He’ll give me massages a lot of the time, when I’m getting tense, you know.
Jensen: (nodding) He gets tense.
Jared: I do.

Then, you pull up the new edition of ninth_wonders, and find this

I think I've become Parkman, because I can suddenly read his thoughts. He seems to be saying "Bitch, do you know I will cut you?!". Oh, DL. You're marvelous.

I'm going to work now, like a responsible person.
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