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The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

This week, on Heroes...

Even after glimpsing the grim future that awaits them if they fail (you know, that future. The future where everyone's hotter than they used to be.), Hiro and Ando are still insanely adorable. The only thing cuter? Hayden Panettiere. Cutest thing ever.

Look, a silver spoon emo!boy in his natural habitat!

Yeah, that was funnier when he wasn't hot.

Cue Heidi's triumphant, if still wheelchair-bound, return. (I still maintain that, when Pantene coined the phrase 'don't hate me because I'm beautiful', they were talking about Rena Sofer.) And not only is she back, she's actually brought the children with her. I was beginning to think the infamous sons were just figments of Nathan's imagination. Or at least part of his brilliant campaign strategy. At any rate, he's playing father of the year as Claire looks on from her gilded cage, staircase, whatever. Claire's watching Nathan, Peter's watching Claire... There's pain and poignancy and I swear the Incest Fairy has been in here again.

After watching her son rise from the dead, Mama Petrelli is lecturing her new granddaughter about fashion. Which just proves what an all-powerful evil genius she will, in fact, turn out to be. I'm gleefully delighted at the prospect.

She leaves Peter and Claire to say their goodbyes, but they're arguing instead. He says she can't go, she says she has to. Impasse. He says she's there to save the world, she says she doesn't know how. Stalemate. She says Nathan can keep her safe, he says she can't get hurt. Exploding Man, 1. Invulnerable Cheerleader, 0.

On the bright side, he actually uttered the word 'niece', which successfully diffused some of the vibe. Get thee behind me, fairy!

It's the haircut. It's definitely the haircut.

Aww, it's the Three Musketeers. Seeing Matt and Papa Bennet together, heads bowed as they whisper conspiratorially, makes me want to growl at Greg. Just a little. But they know nothing of that future dystopia. For now, they've banded together to steal cars and road trip to New York, where, instead of stopping The Company and getting their lives back, they're going to hand-deliver the exact power Peter needs to go boom. The road to hell, I tell you. This is the paving crew.

Was the Sylar exposition really necessary? We're not stupid, Mr. Kring. It would've packed such a better punch if he'd just dropped the paintbrush, stared in stupefied (and silent) shock for a second or two, and then called Mohinder.

Somehow, it's insanely funny that Isaac's still sprawled on the floor, crucified with his own paintbrushes.

Wait... he called Mohinder?! My twisted Sylar/Mohinder heart is cackling. Yes, cackling. Right now this second.

Oh, Suresh, why are you so pretty?

And thank god you are, because something must distract me from your repeated stupidity. When the superpowered serial killer calls, sweetheart, it's generally not a good idea to hold your cell phone to receiver as you dial for help. I want to love you endlessly, but you just make it so hard sometimes.

Speaking of... Jessica honey, Linderman's taken your son. Are you really doing your makeup?

<random> I saw a kid yesterday who reminded me of Micah. Looked nothing like him, but he spoke very loudly, and everything he said sounded like a middle-aged man trapped in a child's body. Case in point - he's telling his grandmother about a girl in his class, who has "so much money her dust bunnies are gold. But she needs two tutors, so money can't buy her a brain. Rich people are weird." How priceless is that?) </random>

What's this? Mohinder's pulled out his backbone... *checks watch*... eleven minutes in? That has to be some kind of record. And we get profile porn out of it. Does it get any better?

I'm thinking that Molly has the power to neutralize the abilities of others, and that's how she survived. Is she Harry to Sylar's Voldemort? There has to be further connection between her and Shanti, if the same "rare" disease is killing them. And all of this talk, of course, just makes me more convinced that Mohinder has a power. Dormant or undiscovered as it may be.

Every time I see the 9th Wonder with Hiro killing Sylar, I think his hand has launched from his wrist and into Sylar's chest. Seriously. I have to blink and look again to see the sword. It's disturbing.

Oh god... the hair... and the glasses... I can't breathe. Zach Quinto does Pleasantville. He can also hear the heartbeats (thanks to the auto-mechanic chick who reminded me of jaded bar chick from The Perfect Storm - was it her?) of the Dynamic Duo, who've so cleverly hidden themselves behind a painting.

It still amuses me that Linderman has named his empire "The Corinthian." By the very definition, yes, but also as a Gaiman fan. In Sandman-verse, Corinthian - a serial killer with mouths in his eye sockets, who could literally see through the eyes of his victims - was created to reflect the darkest aspects of humankind. "A nightmare created to be the darkness, and the fear of darkness in every human heart. A black mirror, made to reflect everything about itself that humanity will not confront." Or, in Bible-verse, "through a mirror darkly." Love it.

DL is badass. Yes, I was predisposed to love him, but were he not Leonard Roberts, I would more than likely love him anyway. (I'd love him even more if he were J. August Richards, but that's neither here nor there.) He's completely unfazed by Jessica, her threats, and all she's capable of (even though he knows very well firsthand). His theory on Linderman as matchmaker makes my eye twitch a little, though - shades of Roswell and "destiny." Run, DL! Get your boy and run!

Intermission time, as Suresh's kindergarten teacher smile has made me roll off the couch. For a minute, I thought he had cookies and juice boxes on that tray. Oh, my sides...

Molly calls Sylar "The Boogeyman" - which of course, Kripke ties aside, has given me a big fat plot bunny. One day soon, I'm going to be able to write something other than crack-fueled crossovers again, I swear. Damn the bunnies! Damn all the bunnies!

So he does eat the brains! Molly just won me twenty bucks. Victory is mine!

Also, ick.

Okay, so I was wrong about Molly. Still, there's the twenty bucks. So she's the new tracking system Papa Bennet mentioned. Right about now, Mohinder should be thinking, "How does simply knowing where Sylar is stop him?", but he's too busy being pretty and soothing Molly to bother. This is a problem.

Claire's asking for Peter's permission to speak now? I tend to frown on things like that, unless said man is hot. So... carry on.

It's interesting to see him delegating, instead of looking to Nathan, wide-eyed and emo!banged, for guidance. Awww, Claire didn't know about Daddy Dearest's power. Love the shrug from Nathan. Yeah, I can fly. No biggie. He throws Claire a bone, just to make sure he's still in her good graces. Ever the politician.

Oh, Nathan. For shame.

For the record, this show officially wins at life. Why? Sylar has just gone home to Mommy, and it's totally Ellen Greene, who I worship and adore. She's calling him Gabriel, naturally, and I wonder again if his name is a biblical reference as well. The left hand of God, the angel of death... after all, he believes what he's doing is natural selection. It isn't much of a stretch. And it brings me back to my theory from last week - that Nathan is the prettiest of puppets, and Linderman (aka God) is using him to let Sylar rise to power.

Sylar's glasses make me want to watch Sleepy Hollow. (He's also turned down a tuna sandwich from Mom, presumably because he's still full of Isaac's brain matter. Between the Incest Fairy and the Hannibal factor, I've decided that this show must have started life as the best crack!fic ever.)

Mama Sylar thinks he could be President. Oh, the foreshadowing.

The bangs are back. I don't entirely mind. The fairy is also back. She's bothering me a bit. Peter's little pep talk makes entirely too much sense, and makes me like him that much more. Dammit.

Micah tries to escape. Unfortunately, he hasn't fooled Candice, who catches him in an endless loop of the same apartment (like the ever-growing hallway from Poltergeist). She says she doesn't want to hurt him, but that she's capable of showing him things that will scar him for life, and for a moment, with the angle and her attire, I'm scared she's going to open her robe and flash him. My brain works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Sylar has turned his mother's apartment into a giant snowglobe, using her kitchen sink hose and his freaky freezing power. Halfway through he got a rush of evil, or something like it, and she's locked herself in her room to cry on her antique French provencal bed (which has no place in this apartment). The Dynamic Duo is watching the scene from the window as he knocks on the door and begs her to come out, and Hiro is actually feeling sorry for him. Reason 1,593,072 why we love Hiro. Ando's giving him a "chop his head off" pep talk, because he knows he's destined to die at Sylar's hand. *sniff*

Mama Sylar knows something's wrong with her son, and is now crying and yelling and threatening him with her sewing scissors. We all know where this is headed. Accidental momicide (matricide?), here we come.

Oh wow. Hiro's stopped time to chop off Sylar's head, as Ando has instructed, and dead mommy is frozen mid-fall. Blood and everything. That I did not see coming.

Sylar isn't affected by frozen time. Eeeeenteresting.

Poor Hiro. He thinks he failed. Seeing as the headless artist already foretold exactly when you would kill Sylar, maybe you set yourself up for failure there?

First thing hotter than Peter this episode? Peter with a gun. Except, if he's about to do what I think he's going to do... Yep, he pulled a drunk!Sam and dying!John on Claire. Except he was totally sober and completely alive when he put the gun in her hand and told her to kill him if she couldn't stop him. She's seventeen, Peter. I know you're used to emo, but isn't this a tad heavy for her to handle at the moment?

Mwuaaaha. Mama Petrelli makes me smile by just walking into the room. And she's completely that mom - you know, the one who seems to favor one kid and give the other one hell, when in reality, it's all because the favorite is weaker. Needs some hand-holding. And, you know, someone to explicity tell them to let New York blow up. The woman is so wonderfully twisted.

Sylar has painted the mushroom cloud with his mother's blood, which is both the coolest and most disturbing thing I've seen on this show.

OH MY GOD, STOP WITH THE FAIRY ALREADY. I'm starting to forget why this is wrong.

Aaaaand the eagle has landed. Peter is now radioactive, complete with glowing hands of doom. Somebody knock him out already! (Hey, it worked when Claude did it.) Also... does no one notice that the man is glowing?

I need food (yum, artichoke asiago dip and baby carrots). I need sleep. I need it to be next Monday already.
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