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Let the bodies hit the floor...

So I officially love both Petrelli boys. With the puppy eyes and the eagerness and the emo!bangsofdoom, I was pretty "meh" on Peter. I guess all it took was a big scar, a few scowls and growls, some strategically-placed hair gel, and Neo's coat from The Matrix Reloaded for me to be a goner.

(Have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for scarred men? I'm sure my fellow Brotherhood girls already know that about me.)

At any rate... How exactly do I sum this one up?

Oh, right. Holy. Shit.

It should go without saying that this was pretty much the best episode of anything ever. First, and perhaps foremost, I must comment on Hiro's soul patch, which still looks like a primetime endorsement for Sharpie. Heh. I love it so. Anyway... So Niki strips under Jessica's name. Oddly fitting, and I sort of love that - still putting things on her "evil" side, even though she's obviously integrated. Props to Miss Larter, who gets sold short sometimes - yeah, this should come across as bitter and jaded, but she's added a crunchy layer of just plain weary, and it totally works. Questioning the bartender was interesting - does she own this place? Intriguing that she spoke before the shimmer - can she sense Peter? And more importantly, why is Peter/Niki hot?

Actually, I take that back. Peter's hot. Smokin' hot, in fact. When did this happen? Why wasn't I informed? Will it take a full five years to get him back to hot once we return to the present?

All the subtle touches are glorious, the facial bisection in particular. I love the whole idea behind the scar, not the mention the execution - the depth, the location (slashed across the very center), the way it pulls... The idea that, even if you're invincible, some wounds never heal. And here's Nikki, telling him to let go, when he's got a reminder every time he looks in the mirror, same as she does. Lovely.

I adore Ando. I just do.

So Parkman has become Nathan's bitch. I didn't single Mohinder out, because that's not much of a stretch, but Matt came as a surprise. He's a tool for the man. Figures, I guess, since he once took so much pride in being a cop. I'm sure it doesn't help that his family's gone. Cheers to Greg, who I still couldn't hate. Suresh, how I wish you had more of a backbone. You whip it out when it counts, yeah, but the times in between...

Aww, Papa Bennet, I love you so. You are all things shiny and self-sacrificing in this fucked-up world. And I rescind my earlier statement - I almost hate Greg now.

If you guessed that Nathan was Sylar before I did, you get a cookie. My brain (on the best kind of crack, of late) spit it out between his phone call about Hiro and his Linderman-like poetic waxing of genocide. The Pasdar gets the biggest kudos of the night, for absolutely nailing Zachary Quinto during the reveal. My blood ran cold just like the real thing.

Peter. Sylar. Fire and ice. I was nearly incoherent by this point, as the Haitian was down and Mohinder was redeemed and the escape was in motion... But this shot made my night. The imagery - figuratively and literally - just doesn't get better.

Bravo, Team Kring. After all, we knew they'd make it out, but lord did you amp up the tension. And you did it with just enough - no backstory, no overloaded exposition, no trying to justify every little thing. I love that we don't know exactly what Hiro did, or what happened to Nathan, or how and when Sylar got to Candice and DL and all the others (as he so obviously did). I love that Peter's scar was so damn prominent, yet we have no clue how he got it. I love that I'm now unsure if Linderman is pulling for Nathan as Pres, or really wanted Sylar to have the power all along (they did, after all, mention a "Linderman Bill" - think Sylar offed his sensei?). And I love the great big mindfuck, how the lines of good and evil seem to have blurred across the board. *sigh* Perfection, thy name is Heroes.

I have no show icons (yes, I know), so I have used my "Cleric Kicking Ass" selection in the ep's honor, as it's the only one that can do it any kind of justice.

Somebody get a bitch some caps, because there will be icons for days.
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