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What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Collective Disclaimer: I own nothing. Characters and canon belong to their creators - Joss Whedon, Eric Kripke, Josh Schwartz, J.J. Abrams, Millar/Gough, Shonda Rhimes, and J.R. Ward - and the corporate entities pulling their strings. Suing would be a waste of hourly billing.

B L A C K   D A G G E R   B R O T H E R H O O D

Title: Of All Our Yesterdays (Sunrise, Sunset)
Summary: What's been taken, what's been forsaken, and all that is left.
Characters/Pairings: Phury (Vishous, Zsadist, Butch, Rhage, Wrath, Bella, Beth, Rehvenge)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 6,015
Rating: M


Title: The World Spins Madly On
Summary: In the aftermath, Sarah mourns what's lost.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah (Chuck, Casey)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,651
Rating: T


Title: Requiem (Casualties of the Human Condition) (Supernatural/Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Summary: Soldiers on strange battlefields, and the only ones playing by the rules.
Characters/Pairings: James Ellison, Victor Henrikson
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,716
Rating: M

Title: Stir of Echoes (Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy)
Summary: Between the black of firsts and white of lasts are countless shades of gray, some too subtle to matter in the moment… until they all add up to contrast. The end of the beginning and beginning of the end.
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Izzie, Sam, John
Status: WIP (1/2)
Word Count: 3,910
Rating: M

Title: Taking Over Me (Roswell/Angel)
Summary: What happens when disaster strikes, and Michael and Liz find themselves on their own in the City of Angel? The Pod Squad and the Fang Gang meet head on, and the Polar couple finds themselves immersed in a world of demons and bloodsuckers, good and evil, and a destiny greater than they ever imagined.
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz, Wes/Fred, Spike, Gunn, Lorne, Angel
Status: WIP (Prologue A - Chapter 3)
Word Count: 27,201
Rating: M
Awards: Best Crossover, Best Non-Roswell Portrayal (Polar Attraction Fanfiction Awards), Best Fanart for a Story (Crossover Fanfiction Awards)
Extras: DVD Commentary 1, 2


Title: Count the Ways
Summary: Fifty unconnected prompts written for 1sentence.
Characters/Pairings: Mal/Kaylee (implied Simon/Kaylee, Zoe/Wash)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 3,203
Rating: M

Title: Definition as a State of Being
Summary: Malcolm Reynolds reflects, and may just emerged unscathed.
Characters/Pairings: Captain Tightpants (implied Mal/Inara and Mal Kaylee)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,085
Rating: T

Title: So Have I For You
Summary: Discipline only carries you so far, lies are never good enough to truly fool yourself, and pride goeth before a fall. She's never been trained for this.
Characters/Pairings: Inara Serra (implied Mal/Inara)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 586
Rating: T
Awards: Best Non-Roswell Story (Polar Attraction Fanfiction Awards)

Title: Spectres and Shells (Stars Go Blue Series)
Summary: The hunted and the haunted. If you don't know where you're going, can you ever find your way?
Characters/Pairings: Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,053
Rating: M

Title: Walk the Edge (You Are Forgiven)
Summary: ”You worry on hurting anybody any more, you worry on small comfort, one of us seems not to tremble, you make a rift inside me, every day, and then you choose to stay, I walk the edge and push you wider… you are forgiven, I open all my doors, you are forgiven, what a heart is for, I am no martyr, you give me reason, I try harder, and wait for a warmer season, meanwhile, you are forgiven…”
Characters/Pairings: Mal/Kaylee
Status: WIP (Prologue)
Word Count: 1,085
Rating: M

G R E Y ' S   A N A T O M Y

Title: This Woman's Work
Summary: The nature of sacrifice... No one ever said being the breadwinner was easy. Written for the Mother's Day Challenge at loveforthefolks.
Characters/Pairings: Miranda Bailey (cast mentions)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,568
Rating: T


Title: No Man is an Island
Summary: Outside the jungle of mystery, one man clings to his secrets.
Characters/Pairings: Sawyer (aka James Ford)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 564
Rating: T


Title: Back to You
Summary: The gang is headed to Sin City, where sins of the past come to a head in the present… and just might change the future for the better. Written for PA's "Guilty Pleasure" challenge.
Characters/Pairings: Kyle/Liz, Michael, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Max, Maria
Status: WIP (1/3)
Word Count: 4,262
Rating: T

Title: Building a Mystery
Summary: "I heard that you ask'd for something to prove this puzzle..." ~ Walt Whitman
Liz Parker has always had big dreams and specific aspirations. She's always fallen back on logic, taken comfort in science. But detours of the heart can alter even the most well-planned course. And when the search for answers only results in more questions, she may discover that off the beaten path is exactly where she wants to be.
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz
Status: Complete (2/2)
Word Count: 9,952
Rating: MA

Title: Calling the Shots
Summary: The polar couple is on a mission, but ends up playing a game with intriguing stakes. Can they escape unscathed?
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 7,853
Rating: MA

Title: Cracks in the Crystal Ball
Summary: Not even Liz knows what the future holds this time. Flashfic written for PA's challenge prompt thread.
Characters/Pairings: Michael Guerin, Liz Parker
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 795
Rating: T

Title: Grey Sky Morning
Summary: Michael Guerin has always prided himself on being a stonewall. When someone slips past the barrier unnoticed, can he accept the risk in order to find happiness, or will the wall around his heart enclose him completely?
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz, Kyle/Isabel, Max, Maria, OMC
Status: WIP (Prologue - Chapter 1)
Word Count: 5,374
Rating: MA

Title: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Series)
Summary: Hold on, hold on to yourself, this is gonna hurt like hell...
One late September afternoon, Liz Parker was shot and brought back to life by an alien. Days before, in a dark, rainy alley, she unknowingly helped another. When their lives are bound by an otherworldly secret, Michael and Liz vow to forget that night, and the all-too-human secret they share. But their hearts have other ideas. As things get complicated and lives change, will they give in to the bond between them, or will secrets and lies destroy everything and everyone they care about?
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz
Status: WIP (5/12)
Word Count: 26,500
Rating: M - MA
Awards: Best Story, Best Series, Best Narration, Best Angst, Best Portrayal of Michael Guerin, Best Portrayal of Liz Parker (Polar Attraction Fanfiction Awards)

Title: Here Without You
Summary: After two years on the run, Michael is finally coming to terms with who he is, and with what he wants. He wants to protect his family. He wants the group to find some happiness. He wants a life worth running for. But when it all comes to a head, will he take what he wants the most?
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz, Kyle/Isabel
Status: WIP (Prologue - Chapter 14B)
Word Count: 73,756
Rating: MA
Awards: Best Future Fiction, Best Narration, Best POV, Most Memorable Scene, Best Cliffhanger, Best Portrayal of Michael Guerin, Best Portrayal of Kyle Valenti, Best Portrayal of Isabel Evans, Best Fanart Cover (Polar Attraction Fanfiction Awards)

Title: Moment of Truth (collaboration with queenie__b)
Summary: Michael Guerin is living the life he never dreamed of having. Successful artist, college graduate, father of two loveable, if insane, animals. Best of all, he's Liz Parker's longtime love. Only one thing could improve his existence - and it's just what Michael's after. He's got the ring. He's got a plan. Hopefully, he'll get the girl. But things are never as easy as they seem, and sometimes... shit happens.
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz, Kyle/Isabel
Status: Complete (4/4)
Word Count: 25,371
Rating: MA
Awards: Best Short Story (Polar Attraction Fanfiction Awards)

Title: Something for the Pain
Summary: He's accomplished at guilt, but coupled with grief, the virtually-impenetrable wall he's built to guard his heart just might crumble - and take him down with it. But love comes in many forms, and comfort can be given from the most unlikely sources. When strength meets strength and will battles will, he may find what he needs to forgive himself. First installment of the Crossroads series, a one-shot tag match with polarthestral.
Characters/Pairings: Michael/Liz (implied Max/Liz and Michael/Maria)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 3,497
Rating: M
Extras: DVD Commentary


Title: All Bets Are Off
Summary: She's not making this easy. Luckily, he never could resist a challenge. Prequel to In This Late Hour.
Characters/Pairings: Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,277
Rating: T

Title: All The Things She Said
Summary: "And I am coming home to you, with my own blood in my mouth, and I am coming home to you, if it's the last thing that I do."
Characters/Pairings: Oliver/Chloe
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 2,820
Rating: T
Awards: Best Oneshot (Chlollie Fanfiction Awards)

Title: And Justice For All
Summary: A hero's trial is only as worthy as the price of winning and the cost of losing. Sequel to All Bets Are Off and In This Late Hour.
Characters/Pairings: Oliver/Chloe
Status: WIP (Chapter One)
Word Count: 2,850
Rating: M

Title: In This Late Hour
Summary: The clock is ticking, the stakes are rising, and they haven’t blown a mission yet. She could be in real trouble this time.
Characters/Pairings: Chloe Sullivan (Bart, AC, Victor, Oliver)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 2,899
Rating: T

Title: Riding the Crave
Summary: A day in the life… Trying to swim against the current, Chloe might be doomed to drown.
Characters/Pairings: Chloe Sullivan (Clark/Chloe, Jimmy/Chloe)
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 1,121
Rating: T

S T A R G A T E   A T L A N T I S

Title: Stand On Ceremony
Summary: Bonding and ties, and a place that isn't his.
Characters/Pairings: John, Teyla, Ronon, Rodney, Halling
Status: WIP (1/2)
Word Count: 799
Rating: T


Title: Daydream Believer (For All the Waking World)
Summary: The sting of the salt and heat of the burn. When you’re haunted inside your own head, is there any way to set the spirit free? Written for ink_stain, by way of spn_summerlove.
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Carmen, Sam
Status: Complete (1/1)
Word Count: 7,440
Rating: MA
Tags: fandom, fic: angel, fic: archive, fic: challenge, fic: crossover, fic: firefly, fic: grey's anatomy, fic: lost, fic: roswell, fic: smallville, fic: stargate atlantis, fic: supernatural, writing
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