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Wreck of the day...

First and foremost, a very merry birthday to doddmommy, who we all miss like hell.

Just passing through with a few crossover recs, because I've been in that kind of mood these days.

Someone Else's Life by cherryscott
(Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy/Roswell, Denny/Izzie)
The brilliance of the execution here is only outdone by the spot-on characterizations all around. Loved it, every single word.

Cherry Bomb by plumunited
(Supernatural/Smallville, Dean/Chloe)
I'm usually such a Sam/Chloe girl, but this little ficlet (and it's sequel, Dead Men Tell No Tales) has absolutely convinced me that either Winchester works with this Girl Friday.

Tenth Nocturne (The Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang remix) by sanyin
(Supernatural/Angel, Sam/Dean, Dean/Gunn)
Okay, yeah, I know it says "Sam/Dean" right up there. I'm perfectly aware that the little backslash means Wincest ahoy!. But here's the thing... Well, okay, two things. First, the Sam/Dean is barely there. It's barely even Wincest. Completely G-rated and at the very end, and therefore easy to scrub from my brain. Second, and most importantly, the whole damn thing is glorious. It's a spin on my favorite (non-hustler!Dean) poisontaster fic, "Books of the Living, Books of the Dead", that meshes it with her Dean/Gunn piece - the one I wanted to love and couldn't quite make myself finish. And and and... it's a completely noir retelling, with Dean as the beaten-down everyman who can't catch a break and Jess as the Veronica Lake-esque femme fatale. It was so worth the scrubbing. Seriously.

Finding Hell by Maya Tawi
(Supernatural/Constantine, Dean/John Constantine)
While the conclusion reminded me that I'm very much in the minor leagues when it comes to slash reading, the picture she painted with these characters was so vividly realistic that I didn't mind in the least. This is Dean on his own, and father knows best, and Hell Blazer at its finest - John is that smarmy, unapologetic bastard I love so much, with his mind games and straightforward double-meanings. Made me want to write a movieverse crossover.
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