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It burns. Oh, it burns.

So I gave my brain a break from wrapping the crack!fic to read some - namely a SPN/Smallville crossover. It was so promising at the start. There was brother banter and Dean driving and Sam skepticism... Then they brought my favorite Girl Friday in and it got even better, with the flirting and the wit and the subtext.

It started off Dean/Chloe overtones with a twinge of longing!Sam - wonderful. Then it shifted to Sam/Chloe with a heaping spoonful of protective!Dean - marvelous.

When it got to shades of Sam/Chloe/Dean, the red flags in my brain started waving wildly. But I'm not one to turn down pretty pretty threesomes. Besides, it was still... with the weapons... and the puns... and if I could just... maybe it wouldn't...

Sadly, I was unable to make it out before the Sam/Chloe/Dean went decidedly Sam/Dean - no twinges, no spoonfuls. I tried, for about a paragraph, to substitute Jason for Dean. Since we were in that neck of the woods, after all - you know, "same face, different DNA" logic. Yes, the fic was that well done. Enough to make me attempt identity subterfuge. No go. At all. You can understand, then, why I'm ready to cry right now. Wincesters (and Petrellicesters, by extension) on my f-list, you know I don't begrudge you your pairing. To each fangirl her own. I just can't do it, personally. Whether it's SPN, Heroes, or Firefly, incest is my big squick.

Somebody point me to some good gen, please. Please? I'm begging you. Because not only do I need to go back to writing Dean within the hour if I'm ever going to finish this today, I have spec time scheduled later, and I need my Dean back.

Also, it must be said... I certainly hope that, in the land where Wincest is a reality, our beloved boys wouldn't stop to screw before they went off to save the chick. Just putting it out there.
Tags: cracktastic!, fandom: supernatural, oh john ringo no, there are no words
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