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Leap of faith, leap of faith...

Last night, I had a dream. (I found myself in a desert called... "Cyyyberland". Okay, not really. But it felt like the thing to do.)

Anyway, I dreamt of Supernatural. More specifically, I dreamt that Dean locked himself in a seedy motel room (locking Sam in the hallway in the process) with a double barrel sawed-off and a flesh-eating zombie that looked curiously like Famke Janssen. Uhhh... yeah. Is this how hunters vent? One has to wonder.

I'm now sorely tempted to write a Dean/Zombies/Endless Ammunition fic, and call it "Anger Management."

Heroes came back! And just in the nick of time. Watching it right after Drive made me realize exactly how many issues I have with that show, even with all the Nathan wit. Oh, Mr. Minear. Take a lesson from your fellow Monday night Tim and step up the game, por favor.

Having Jubal Early play Detective Ehrle was a nice touch, though. At least for us Browncoats.

So Linderman can heal. Very, very interesting. I'm loving his twisted plan for world domination, I must say. He's sick in the head, that one, but he makes it sound so good. Papa Bennett continues his quest to own my heart, Mama Petrelli continues to creep me out, and Greg Grunberg continues to win at life in general. (Few people know that I watched the Lost pilot simply because JJ said Greg was making a cameo. Yes, I'm that sad.)

In more disturbing news, I totally see why people ship Peter/Claire. Are they trying to freak me out? The stroking, and the moment, and the little touch... eeep. Say no to the crack that induces incesty vibes, dear writers.

Though... I'm beginning to actually care about Peter one way or the other. I'm not sure which prospect disturbs me more.

kalenodonnell tortured me over the hiatus, assuring me that my Mohinder was dead, dead, dead. Consider this a big "I told you so", dear. (But Suresh honey, if you keep calling the bad people to invite them over for tea and alliance, I'm going to have to hurt you. Not much. Just a little. But enough for it to, you know, hurt.)

Future!Hiro and his soul patch made my night. Also, note to self: if you ever start a band, name it Future Hiro and the Soul Patch.

Nathan: Please stop by so that I may have your babies. That is all.

(Was anyone else disturbed that Sylar's take on Nathan's politcal rise looked like the Jolly Green Governator in the Oval Office? Scariest thing all season. Seriously.)

In other news, I would miss House the night they give Foreman something to do. Dammit. Can't a man have a life after almost!death?
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