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Christmas came, Christmas went. For the first time in my life, I spent the holidays away from home... with my parents, in their new home in Florida. Let me tell you, leaving 86-degree weather to return to 30-degree Chicago was no picnic, but I'm so glad I went.

While I was there, [community profile] yuletide happened! This year, there were three gifts under the tree for little old me.

Wives of Powerful Men
Scandal, Mellie Grant, Bitsy Cooper
YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS, MY YULETIDE SANTA BROUGHT ME BITSY FIC. And it is glorious. Takes Mellie's tendency to make difficult decisive choices and immediately second-guess herself (or be made to - thanks for that, Fitz, you putz) and puts it squarely in the hands of a woman who's been there, done that, and lived to say "of course I'll do it your way, which will really be my way." Bitsy's influcence on Mellie, on the show, brought to mind an Armand line from Interview with the Vampire: "They had forgotten the first lesson, that we are to be powerful, beautiful, and without regret." This fic reinforced that in spades. A marvelous gift that made my Yuletide.

Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills
I have a secret weakness for Christmas fic (which may not be all that secret, since I've written it. Twice.). The idea of Abbie establishing holiday traditions for the two of them is delightful (and something I sincerely hope we see on the show, at some point, for their entire makeshift family) and that's the premise here. Ichabod would be familiar with the concept of a Christmas tree, having come from a wealthy family of worth, but Abbie explaining how she chooses a tree in Charlie Brown terms is cute, and Ichabod choosing a teeny tree because it would make her happy is doubly so. The whole concept makes me wonder what Christmases were like for Abbie the foster kid. Likewise, I'm sure our favorite male witness would also have a selection of facts on the history of mistletoe, as the association with kissing began in England in the 18th century, but it's forever the perfect excuse to shove your ship together at the holidays.

The Secret Smile
Fargo, Greta Grimly, Lou Solverson
After the grimdark humor of the show (which, don't get me wrong, I love), this treat was a little slice of life from happily-ever-after. The Grimly-Solverson blending of the epilogue was squee-inducing, if a bit sparse, but my favorite moments actually came over the course of the show. Greta and Lou could not be better family if there were blood involved - she immediately looked to him for wisdom and guidance, and he immediately took her under his wing. This fic took that dynamic and ran, with a look at a night at home for Grandpa Lou, big sister Greta, and new baby Grimly (who's undeniably a boy). It's short and sweet, but says a lot about both characters and their relationship with each other.

This was my least-productive Yuletide in years - I only wrote one fic. But it's one that I'm proud of, and was enjoyed by my recipient, so I suppose, if you can only write one, that's the one to write. As always, anyone who guesses which one is mine (except you two there, you know who you are) gets a free ficlet.
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