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Had to title this with one of my favorite Fiona Gallagher quotes, because yuletide is upon us once again! Every year I have the nagging feeling that I'm due a bad experience, and every year I am proven wrong. This year, I got two amazing gifts. First came my assignment fic...

Thursday's Child
Shameless, Fiona Gallaagher, Debbie Gallagher, Lip Gallagher, Frank Gallagher, Monica Gallagher
If you've read my Yuletide letter, you know that Shameless beat out four other fandoms in the battle for the last request. Now I know why: so that I could get this kickass Fiona fic. The characterization and pacing are positively perfect, and it gave me exactly what I asked for in absolutely the best way possible. Fiona is so herself here, which is a tall order when you consider how in-her-head this POV is. I love her sense of resignation-as-determination, I love all her little insights into her reality and the world around her, and I LOVE that she's the same person inside her head as out -- that she's as fiercely honest with herself as she is with everyone else. Plus, my darling author (who is a first-time Yuletider) went to such awesome but organic lengths to include my Chicago love without tweaking any of my tendencies to cringe at tiny wrong details. It is the fic I was meant to have, and I am honored to call it my own.

And, as if that weren't enough, I got an eleventh hour treat. I was convinced it would be Scandal, but lo-and-behold, the archive went live, and I had...

Not knowing when the dawn will come
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Peter Guillam, George Smiley, Ricki Tarr, Connie Sachs, Guillam's Boyfriend
I may just scream and whimper and cry for the next five minutes. If there's nothing else here, please pretend that I gushed profusely. (...) Alright, I'm okay now. Greetings, friends! Allow me to introduce you to the Tinker Tailor fic of my heart. I've made this request two years in a row, the exact same request, and my wise, anonymous author has taken that prompt and said "well, that's a good start. Now here's what you really want." I don't even know that I can boil it down to a synopsis, when it deserves words, all the words, all the fawning, fawning words. So I will simply say this: it's a post-film look at Peter, adjusting (and not). Every voice is spot-on, every nuance is perfection, and it surprised me with every single sentence, but I felt right at home. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Honestly, I have no idea what I did to deserve a Yuletide like this, but I am positively astounded by the quality and the voices, and I could not have received two more perfect gifts. Please go read them, and give them all the love.
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