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Oh so revealing.

Heretofor anonymous authors have been revealed, so here's the annual yuletide post-mortem extravaganza!

For my assignment fic, I wrote By Any Other for carlyinrome, in Lucky Number Slevin fandom. I adore this awesome, underrated movie, and have offered to write it in every single Yuletide I've participated in. I'd seen (and own) Wicker Park, but this is the film that made me fall in love with Paul McGuigan (a.k.a. my favorite contemporary director, and half the reason I ever gave Sherlock a shot). It's smart and sharp and snappy and so gorgeous, with all the telltale McGuigan camera angles and frame swipes and over-the-top wallpapers that Sherlockians now know so well, and the sheer talent that makes up the ensemble cast (Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis, and Stanley Tucci are just the tip of the iceberg) borders on ridiculous. Basically: if you haven't seen this movie, do it. Do it now. (Also, steer clear of this fic until you do, as spoilers abound.) My recip requested Lindsey (Lucy Liu) and Sleven (Josh Hartnett) being happy and banter-y and adorable. I think the word "fluff" may have been used. As most of you know, I am virtually incapable of fluff. But Lindsey is quick and adaptable and awesome, so it was a lot of fun to play with that. I still can't quite believe that there's only a hanful of fic in this fandom (literally, there were five fics before mine), and that absolutely none of it was about Lindsey. For shame, Slevin folk. For shame.

I picked up a pinch hit for kiki_eng, and after some serious soul-searching, I truly believe that I willed it into being. I'd absolutely adored her Yuleletter during the annual period of Trolling for Treats, especially her request for my favorite episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Josh Groban! Martin Freeman! Omid Djalili! Simon Amstell's last episode! And upon reading said request, I had a bunny. A cracktastic bunny. A cracktastic bunny that was unprecedented for me, since I am not an RPF writer. But I bookmarked the letter (because it really is adorable) and went about my business, occassionally complaining to starseverywhere about the bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. And then, two days before deadline, what pops up on the pinch hit list? It was fate, I tell you. So yeah. Never Mind the Bite Marks is NMTB RPF in which Simon, Josh, Martin, and Omid brave the zombie apocalypse. Do with that what you will.

Then there was a glitch in the matrix (or the Madness collection, whatever), and elynross announced that she'd be approving submissions all day on the 26th (even after stories went live!), so I sat down and banged out my first ever treat for a friend. My Strongest Suit is a quick set of vignettes for the four leading women of Revenge. I thought that I could disguise myself from martinigrl well enough to make it a week as her anonymous writer, by using a story structure and format that's completely unlike me and an actual semicolon (and oh yeah, writing multiple women without a man in sight). As it turns out, I utterly fail at stealth, since she figured me out within half an hour of reading, but she enjoyed it, and that's what matters.

Another Yuletide gone. Until next year, peeps.
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