She is Poetry & Prozac... (freneticfloetry) wrote,
She is Poetry & Prozac...

Oh shit, son.

So I signed up for Trope Bingo, and my card is terrifying.

See for yourself.

alpha / beta / omega wingfic au: daemons snowed in road trip
fusion au: hooker / porn / stripper handcuffed / bound together animal transformation forced to marry
virginfic / secretly a virgin secret twin / doppelganger FREE

kiss to save the day rivals to lovers
poker/strip poker fake relationship accidental baby acquisition sharing a bed soul bonding / soulmates
cross-dressing au: all-human au: cop / detective day at the beach mind control

I thought I could bingo with a single fandom, but um... not likely. Pretty damn unlikely, in fact.

Help me, Jeebus.
Tags: the proverbial plate, what the hell was i thinking?, writing
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