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yuletide is live! (And has been for a few days now, I just suck at updating.) As usual, I shall return with a reading list of awesome recs from both the main and Madness collections, but in the meantime, let's just heap some love on my giftfic, shall we?

last year in your garden
Scandal, Olivia Pope
No body, no crime.
OMG Y'ALL, SOMEONE WROTE THIS FOR LITTLE OL' ME. It poses the question When did Olivia Pope start fixing things?, and then answers it in the most logical, heartbreaking ways. The leaps back and forth from Olivia's childhood to Olivia's present are perfectly timed, the sketchy slivers of each situation or extenuating circumstances are perfectly shown, and the dialogue, this terse, to-the-point double-speak that Olivia Pope has perfected, is perfectly written. It's a short, tight, hard-hitting piece without a single word out of place, and I absolutely adore it. If you're a Scandal fan, or just a fan of awesome female characters, please go read it and give it all the love.

I've got three fics in the Yuletide archive (two in the main collection, one in Madness). Two are the only fics in their respective fandoms, and miraculously, none of them are in fandoms I've ever written before. I think it's ridiculously easy to guess my main assignment, if you know my writing (and my Yuletide-sized fandom loves) at all, but if anyone actually guessed the pinch hit and the treat, I'd be absolutely shocked. Try as you will - anyone who guesses correctly gets a free ficlet.
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