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She is Poetry & Prozac...

A thousand words. Or four.

I was raised by a Trekkie. My mother was present for the very first Star Trek convention. She has her Starfleet Academy graduation certificate hanging below her Masters degree. Her first email address was "counselortroi98" (and she still uses it to this day). She imparted a love of genre entertainment, old-school scifi, and Trek in particular in me very early on. I went in to the reboot with ridiculously low expectations, and ended up loving the movie (and the new universe) insanely. So, despite the Cumberbatch stan that I am, much like my longtime Hobbit love existing independently of my love of Martin Freeman, my excitement for the new nu!Trek would stand even without his involvement. And I say all that for every single tweet/Tumblr post I've seen that seems to imply (or emphatically insist) that Star Trek and Sherlock fandoms can't coexist without bloodshed.

That said, my thoughts on the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, in a nutshell...

When Starfleet is Ashes...


stidan3 have my permission to die.


(Cannot. Wait.)

And now, a moment of silence for all the lens flares that were lost.
Tags: benedict cumberbatch, don't mind if i do, fandom: star trek, hngh, pretty pretty lens flares
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