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Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Is it possible for two of my favorite shows to both be spot on all at once? According to Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy - same bat time, different bat channels - why yes, yes it is.

This makes me happy in my crack!fic place.

Grey's brought back the Bailey I love, and made me adore George and Izzie and GeorgeandIzzie all that much more. (Yes, I know being a George/Izzie supporter puts me firmly in the minority, but... you know what? Damn the man. Save the Gizzie. Take that, bitches.)

Perhaps I was just destined to love the Time After Time ep, when it happened - and it was bound to happen, my friends. They could only ignore the pull of Cyndi Lauper and the fire of a thousand covers for so long. But Izzie and the parents, and George and the pants, and Bailey... Bailey and everything. Where have you been, Miranda? I missed you so. The continued interaction between Alex and Crush almost makes me forgive the writers for chickening out on Addisex. Almost. It helps that they haven't let the vibe go completely, and that Addison kicks ass all day every day.

And don't tell anybody, but... I even kinda sorta liked Derek this go 'round. Maybe it was putting his foot down instead of in his mouth. Maybe it was holding his head high instead of trailing his tail between his legs. Maybe it was that nobody called him "McDreamy" for an entire episode. Who knows? But I hope he keeps it up.

Still don't like Meredith, though. Don't hold your breath on that one.

As for SPN... Oh, Dean. At first, I loved you because you wore the face of Jensen Ackles, who kept getting taken from me after single paltry seasons (and a promising pilot that never saw the light of day). Then I loved you because of all your layers - sarcasm over snark over steely determination over something so protective and vulnerable and hidden away... You're a great big onion, Deano, and I love my men with crunchy coatings and chewy centers. But now... Now I love you because you're a geek. You're a B-movie-loving, IMDb-surfing, starstruck-by-bit-players geek who finally found his people.

That he's a movie buff is so telling, in a way - the film industry has the same kind of goal-oriented, show-must-go-on focus that Dean approaches hunting with, and it's similarly unshaken and unaffected by things that would give most people pause. It was actually a little sad to see how well he meshed, with his headset and walkie-speak and love affair with craft services - after all, we know what Sam would be doing if he lived a normal life, but I've always gotten the feeling that Dean would be a little lost without the crazy and the rush, despite what he says. I just haven't been able to close my eyes and see him doing anything else, until now. Not in a he'd be the best PA evar way, just... in general. You know, seeing the possibilities, and separating Dean from hunter. It opened a door.

Yeah. In that alternative universe, Sammy's so the arthouse snob who's never seen Star Wars but has a ticket stub to Like Water for Chocolate tacked on his bedroom mirror. You know it's true. And we love him for it.

The Stars Hollow close encounter? Priceless. But the trailer? Oh. My. Buddha. Made of win. I laughed so hard I got a crick in my side that is still jabbing me today. (But as long as the boys keep digging up perfect-looking graves with protractors and a T-square, I will continue to gripe.)

Kudos to Kripke & Co. for keeping it light this week. They know they've got a month of ripping our hearts out ahead, and this ep, full of straightlaced Sam and Fanboy!Dean and countless jokes at their own expense, and especially after the heaviness of Heart, was just what the doctor ordered.

From the fannish5 - What are your five favorite canonical romances?
(I think I can actually keep it to five, thanks to the "canon" stipulation.)

1} Ephram/Amy (Everwood) | "I still think you're my person."
2} Zoe/Wash (Firefly) | "Mmm. Wife Soup. I must have done good."
3} Angel/Cordy (Angel) | "Were we in love?"
4} Sam/Kara (Battlestar Galactica) | "How does it feel to be my personal property?"
5} Sam/Alyssa (Troubleshooters) | "I want as much from you as you're willing to give."

I started to post a snort-inducing snippet from my convo with darkmuse_ic from last night (I was writing, she was drinking, and we were both extoling the virtues of Dean. Fun was had by all.), but reviewing it in the harsh light of day, it was all hilarious, and therefore impossible to narrow down. Such is life.

Crack!fic calls...
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