She is Poetry & Prozac... (freneticfloetry) wrote,
She is Poetry & Prozac...

P.S.: Squee.

You guys, you guys, you guys. The not_primetime archive is live today, and my giftfic is a thing of beauty.

Five Times Sara Stood Alone (And One Time Everyone Stood Together)
White Collar, Sara Ellis/Neal Caffrey

This fic, y'all, this fic. It's as if my author read my request (for Sara being awesome, and having agency, and making her past shape her present and shade her future), nodded, then simply reached into my head and heart and pulled out the perfect story. I love it so much. Go read it now, and give it all the love.

And so continues my tradition of receiving flawless fic about wildly polarizing characters for every fic exchange ever.
Tags: go forth and fangirl, share my squee dammit!
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