She is Poetry & Prozac... (freneticfloetry) wrote,
She is Poetry & Prozac...

The Great Escape.

Dear F-list: I am tired and my brain is broken and I am in desperate need of some shameless fannish escapism. Have a meme (that I nicked from redbrunja).

Name a character or pairing I know and I'll tell you what cliches, kinks, or tropes I'd write for them.

If you need a primer/reminder, you can pretty much look at my fic, my bookmarks, or my userpics to see what characters and pairings I adore. (Which is only half-true for SGA, btw. All pairing icons there are purely incidental, except for that one adorable chibi John/Teyla.)

Also, happy birthday, kindness_says! Awwww, my Kat is growing up.
Tags: fandom saves the day, meme, you know you want to
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