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This is the remix.

Remix authors are no longer anonymous, so I suppose it's time to claim my efforts.

As far as the pinch hit goes, I got the assignment on Sunday. In fact, I took it without even looking at the author's fic beforehand. (Not something I recommend if you're remixing, by the way. I just really lucked out.) The original plan was to remix Wreckage, a 500-word Sam-centric piece with all sorts of awesome possibilities. It was the very first thing I read, a bunny was born immediately, and I spent all day Monday plot pointing and beat sheeting for the fic I would write. I even named it (and y'all know that's the clencher, for me). And then, Tuesday morning, I went to print out the original and made the cosmic mistake of clicking another fic. You know, just out of curiosity. And all of the sudden I was scrapping the original plan to tell an entirely different story, despite the Wednesday night deadline. But I ended up with Shells of a Long-Ago Lifetime (Faces That Once Were Mine Mix), a take on clex_monkie89's lovely Fragments of a Life You Shouldn't Miss. The original is angsty and hopeful and Dean-centric and set in Chicago, and all of that was just too much to resist. The idea behind this one was just expanding on one sort-of throwaway character detail, and making it tie in to everything Dean was going through. I got to play with structure and symbolism, two of my very favorite things. I got to slip inside Dean Winchester's head again, somewhere I haven't been in awhile. I got to write my very first AU, since the original deviates from canon long before the pilot. And I got to do it all in a really, really tight turnaround time, which was exactly what I needed.

It felt so amazing to write again that when another eleventh-hour pinch hit came through, I seriously contemplated taking that one, too. It got claimed before I could do anything stupid (and in hindsight, thank god), but the bunny stayed with me. And with Remix Madness not opening until the day after the main collection, I just decided to write it anyway. Something to Talk About (The Million Dollar Quartet Cover) is a remix mashup of lady_krysis' So You Know and I Do; It's Official, two parts of a series centered on my one and only OT4. That's right, baby's first poly! As we have already established, I love writing Jake Jensen. As stream-of-consciousness characters go, he's right up there with Tony Stark and Kyle Valenti on my list of all-time favorites. The Losers is an interesting fandom for me, as someone who's lost nearly all of her shippiness, because you can pretty much take one part Jensen to equal parts anyone else and hey, I ship it. Jensen/Cougar? But of course. Jensen/Pooch/Jolene? Don't mind if I do. Jensen/Cougar/Pooch/Jolene? Abso-friggin-lutely. Again, the source fic series was the first thing I read, but there was no going back on this one (seriously, the world needs more of this foursome). The fic was basically built around an amusing hypothetical - what if Jensen made soccer field scenes everywhere? - but it was one scene and one line in particular that kicked things off. Bonus points if you can guess which line that is. :) It was fun to explore how each piece of the puzzle fits, and how the dynamics between all of them are different, yes, but ultimately what makes the whole thing work. I wrote it in a day, which I haven't done in ages, and somewhere along the line it got a little weighter than I wanted it to, but I think that makes it interesting. (I'm also deeply amused that this fic even exists, since I swore I was done with Chris Evans for awhile.)

So that's it for me. Hopefully next year, I'll be able to participate in Remix proper.
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