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Hit me baby one more time.

I'm sorry, I had to.

Long time no see! Sadly, Real Life has derailed my writing resolutions. Which is tough, since writing has long been my biggest stress reliever. I've been vowing to find time to write something for the last month, and it just hadn't happened until now.

I have always wanted to participate in Remix Redux. I mean, all the titles have parentheticals. This is a challenge that was simply made for me. But I'm way too fandom flighty to actually qualify in any of the applicable fandoms (the sad part is, I've been one fic away from qualifying in both Smallville and Firefly for the last two years). So when a pinch hit I could do came through at the last minute, it seemed like a sign. (When another one came through three days past the last minute, that just seemed profoundly stupid, but I embraced the spirit of Remix Madness and wrote it, anyway.)

So yeah. Two remixes out there with my name behind the Anonymous. Different fandoms, both of which I've written in before. If anyone guesses either of them correctly (and those of you who aren't eligible to play know who you are), you get a treat. In the meantime, check out all the awesome fic!

In other news, I have seen The Avengers, and it is awesome. Don't hate me because I'm lucky.

The AO3 Hit Meme is going around - I didn't do one last year, but here's the rundown for 2012.

  1. Ashes and Flame (Every You and Every Me), The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, Katniss/Peeta, 6291 hits
  2. Creative (Non)Fiction, Community, Ensemble (Abed-centric), 3073 hits
  3. Deck the Halls with Daddy Issues, The Avengers, Steve/Tony, 2411 hits
  4. Lost In Translation, The Losers, Jensen/Cougar, 1503 hits
  5. And To All A Goodnight, Faking It - Jennifer Crusie, Davy/Tilda, 1053 hits
  6. Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Covert Affairs, Auggie/Jai, 947 hits
  7. Big Girl Pants, New Girl, Jess/Nick, 897 hits
  8. Of All Our Yesterdays (Sunrise, Sunset), Black Dagger Brotherhood - JR Ward, Ensemble (Phury-centric), 495 hits
  9. Dinner and a Show, Dexter, Ensemble (Deb-centric), 404 hits
  10. All The Things She Said, Smallville, Oliver/Chloe, 334 hits

It's interesting to look at the breakdown. "Ashes and Flame" has been a bit of a runaway train since the movie was released, even though I wrote it over a year ago and it's spoilerific for the rest of the books. I'm surprised at all the literary fandoms in there - every litfic I've posted is in my AO3 top ten. Everything but the Chlollie is a gift fic (five Yuletide, three NYR, and a fandom-specific exchange), which makes sense in terms of exposure. And as far as feedback-per-click goes, "Dinner and a Show" wins hands down. But I think the moral of the story, for the most part, is that when it comes to clicks, meta and boyslash are pretty sure bets. If anyone is shocked by the last bit, I have some lovely beachfront property you should probably take a look at.

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