She is Poetry & Prozac... (freneticfloetry) wrote,
She is Poetry & Prozac...

Who's that girl? Who's that girl?

It's Jess!

Big Girl Pants
New Girl, Jess/Nick, Winston, Schmidt, Cece.
For dynastessa and thetidebreaks. Characters belong to Elizabeth Meriwether and Fox.
Jess has finally figured out the secret of their shared universe. It's all about the pants. Maybe, just maybe, about one pair in particular.

( Jess takes a deep breath and twirls the new full-size Feelings Stick in her fingers. It's pretty much worthless with the guys and she's the only one who's actually allowed to touch it now, since Nick still glares the second he sees it and Winston uses it to feel for the remote from far away and Schmidt only uses it to dodge the Douchebag Jar, but sometimes it's just nice to have. )

Remember how I said I wasn't going to be writing 6500-word fic every week? Yeah. This one's juuuuust over 8k. I've grown so enamored of this show and its loveable, squishable cast, much more than I ever thought I would, so this one was a lot of fun to do.

I'd marvel at the fact that I managed to write 8000 words about what boils down to a day and a half, but queenie__b and I once wrote over 25k about one night and the following morning. So much love to templeandarche, for being her awesome self.

Pardon me, I'm just going to pass out now.
Tags: fic, fic: new girl, fic: oneshot, the proverbial plate, the resolution resolution
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