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This is why I'm hot...

So first, it must be said... My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy, whether they're victims, families, students, or just people like me, outraged from afar and feeling pretty damn helpless. Every time something like this happens, we hope it's the last time. And when it's not, we're surprised. But I'll save my gun policy ranting for another day. Hope and strength to you all.


They've been filming The Dark Knight around the corner from the condo for the last two nights. A house on Longwood Drive that they light up like a Christmas tree - at eleven at night, you could probably see it from space. They effectively shut down two entire blocks, between the barricades on the shooting side and the trailers and trucks on the block behind, and it's exciting just seeing it all. I live in a historic neighborhood with lots of hilly land and beautiful architecture, and I'm guessing the house - a massive Colonial on a corner lot, with towering colums and a matching carriage house and grounds landscaped within an inch of their life - will probably be passed off as Wayne manor for interior shots. We got giddy (slowly) passing the trailers, and giddier still when a Bale-shaped person stepped outside and went over to chat with a ginger-haired gentleman who looked curiously like Michael Caine. Giddy, I tell you.

They're downtown today, doing some exterior shooting on and around Lower Wacker. Times like this, I miss working in the Loop - at least six months out of the year there's a caravan of trailers lined up along State and Lake, and you almost come to expect crossing paths with somebody or other (my least favorite - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, circa Gigli. I was only at the crossing maybe two minutes, waiting for the light to change, and she complained the whole time. Yes, honey, it's cold. It's Chicago in January. What did you expect?).

At any rate, they're filming under the shooting name "Rory's First Kiss". Perhaps the diversion might have worked a bit better if you couldn't look through the massive windows at the old post office - where every surrounding pole and light post is plastered with "RFK" shooting notices - and see the words "Gotham National Bank" clear as day.

In not-nearly-as-exciting movie news... not only has Eric Bana been cast as Henry DeTamble in The Time Traveler's Wife, which is wrong for me on so many levels (and which I've already objected to, per decidedly's original post), apparently Edward Norton is the new Bruce Banner. Not since news of Nic Cage as Superman have I rebelled so strongly on a casting choice. And I love Norton. Seriously, I adore the man. He's the only actor out there who eclipses my Bale love. I think he's capable of almost anything, talent-wise. But come on. Come on. Can we stop with the arthouse comic interpretations, please?

I've been writing crack!fic. Pages and pages of crack!fic. That is all.

House was insanely glorious last night (has anyone else noticed that I must use glorious at least once a day? No? Hmm. Might just be me.). I can barely remember who the medical freak of the week was, or recall the shocking diagnosis, and I've literally blocked all the Chase/Cameron brattiness from my mind. But all the House/Cuddy, House/Wilson, House/Cuddy/Wilson action made me squeal like a toddler, and that's enough for me. And come on, people. Panty Hamster. That is the phrase of the century.

Plus... Hotness, thy name is Hugh.


The best parts of a crappy day made not-quite-so crappy:

queenie__b: which brother is vin?
freneticfloetry: he's V
freneticfloetry: he's totally V
queenie__b: uh
queenie__b: thanks for the bondage insight
freneticfloetry: LMAO
queenie__b: must admit
queenie__b: did not know that about you
freneticfloetry: hahahahaha
freneticfloetry: spaz

ladygloria: so is he dead? or was she speaking figuratively
freneticfloetry: figuratively
ladygloria: well I didn't think you'd kill him, but I had to check
freneticfloetry: i cannot kill the dean!
ladygloria: Oh come on! I'd soooo read it
freneticfloetry: no you wouldn't
freneticfloetry: lol
ladygloria: I'd read the dying part
freneticfloetry: LMAO

One tries to make me kill Dean, the other saddles me with a BDSM habit. Gotta love friends. (And I do. You're all the bestest most awesome people ever, and I love you to bits and pieces. Even you there, with the penis.)

Last but not least, as somebody who likes the damn song and hasn't the slightest clue why, this just about killed me. As in, I squirted Pepsi out of my nose and couldn't breathe for a good bit. And now I'm listening to Tim spout craziness over the theme to "Inspector Gadget." Ah, the little things that get you through the day.
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