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Show yourselves!

Reveals have happened, so it's that time again! Time for the annual yuletide post-mortem.

Man, I really need to start using this journal for things other than Yuletide.

First and foremost, many, many thanks to the wonderful writers (Siria, MaeveBran, sinesofinsanity, mardia) who made my Yuletide awesome. And a special "I see what you did there" to keerawa, the pinch hit Joscelin author who I pinch hit for last year. Tricksy.

Second, I have a New Year's Resolution fic already. What is this magic? Six giftfics? This gem, this absolute thing of beauty, is Someday, the Future, in Dexter fandom, courtesy of halfshellvenus. It's an altogether amazing look at Lumen (because it's just not Yuletide unless I'm requesting a polarizing character I adore that most of fandom hates) and what happens once her darkness is gone. Go read it, and give it all the love.

For my assignment fic, I wrote Dinner and a Show (Dexter) for alwaysluna. Debra Morgan is, along with Lydia Adams and Chloe Sullivan, part of my holy trinity of TV women. This year marks the first time I was assigned the fandom I offered that scared me the most, and of course my recipient wanted the scariest character in said scary fandom. That said, I absolutely loved the challenge this presented. I feel like Deb constantly defines herself with the men in her life, and examining her relationship with each of them through the lens of food presented the opportunity to make interesting observations on the dynamics. It was a chance to play in between canon (which you all know I love), play up moments we didn't see on screen, and play on things Deb didn't know then that she does now. In the interest of full disclosure, I almost chickened out. I couldn't focus, Deb was being difficult (there were many, many instances of me crying "It won't cooperate!" to my fellow Yulechatters), and my recipient edited her letter after assignments went out to add squee about a recent episode, which provided an appealing alternative. In a lot of ways, I think it would have been easier to write "The Dichotomy of Dexter" - come on, how much does that sound like me?! - but I'm glad that martinigrl gave me the sideeye and told me to suck it up, because Deb was a blast in the end, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and alwaysluna seemed to really enjoy it.

I picked up a pinch hit at the eleventh hour, and seriously, I have no idea how. I saw it after it had been up about fifteen minutes (which is eons in pinch hit time), and the prompt caught my eye, and something maaaaade me click the reply button and say "Me?," knowing that I wouldn't get it. Imagine my surprise when I get an email from elyn, going "You!". And by surprise, I mean sheer terror. I spent my entire commute home wondering what the hell I'd been thinking, and the rest of the night trying to figure out what the hell to do. In one corner, there was Daryl (a dream Courtney protagonist if there ever was one). In the other corner, there was Shane (who is not only right up my alley, in all his fucked-up finest, but who I actually had a bunny for!). Impossible choice, right? And then there was Andrea, smack dab in the middle of the ring, giving me a what am I, chopped liver? face. Infinite Distances Halved (The Walking Dead), for lostinapapercup, is, yes, Andrea fic, set during season two's "Bloodletting." I still don't know where the idea came from - I was attempting to come up with some sort of structure, and all sorts of allegories sprang to mind (that tends to happen when I try to force bunnies), and all of the sudden there was a title. Those of you who know me well know that, once I've named something, it's all over. I like the idea of this whole thing being a race to nowhere, with some people stuck at the start and others running in circles and only Andrea aware that they're pretty much on a treadmill, in a hamster wheel, taking all these steps and exerting all this energy and going absolutely nowhere. In a lot of ways, I'm extremely thankful for the pressure the quick turnaround provided - I hadn't written anything that tight in ages, and had kind of forgotten that I could. And it made me think of not only Andrea in a different way, but Lori as well.

Aaaaand then we have the treat. Last year I wrote crack for Community, and thought that was pretty much the crackiest thing that would ever emerge from my brain. Oh, how wrong I was. In scoping out Sunshine requests, I came across a DYA letter requesting three different Chris Evans-related fandoms. Requesting, in fact, a "Merry Chris(Evans)mas." So basically, it had me at hello. One of the prompts requested Mace exploration which, hey, totally doable on my end. But the letter also reminded me of this precious, priceless train wreck of a GQ article, American Marvel, in which a writer named Edith Zimmerman sets out to interview Evans about Captain America and pretty much ends up writing self-insert Chris Evans fanfiction. Which got published. In a magazine with global circulation. And, okay, I don't personally RPF, but given those parameters, how could I not? So, yeah. American Hero (Sunshine/Journalism RPF), for liminalliz, will forever be known as the one where Mace got back to Earth, got interviewed by Edith Zimmerman, and got her ridiculously drunk (much like every other interview subject in her portfolio). Don't ask, I can't even. It's 5,300 words of the crackiest crack that crack has ever seen, and I went into it knowing full well that it would more-than-likely be read and enjoyed by one person and one person alone, and not caring one damn bit. That said, more than one person has read and enjoyed, and I shall remain thoroughly amused forevermore. So there's that.

What's that, you say? Courtney heeded her own Misses Clause Challenge and wrote nothing but women? Why yes, yes I did!

(Except not.)

The cap_ironman Secret Santa Exchange sort of necessitated writing men, you see, so I did get a dose of Y chromosomes. I wrote Deck the Halls with Daddy Issues (or here on the comm) for whreflections. Writing holiday-themed fic was so much fun in Faking It fandom that, when I saw the "Steve craves Christmas cheer" portion of the prompt list, I had to jump on it. In a nutshell, Steve is full of seasonal squee, Tony's all about the bah, humbug, Clint is prickly (and entertained), Natasha is vindictive (but with baked goods), Thor is naked (and confused), and Loki is designing his own animatronic Christmas special (but with more magic and mutilation). And of course it all happens under the watchful eye of Fury (in a very Nick Fury's Missing Eye Judges You kind of way). The original plan (not to mention the original first thousand words or so) was to tell the story from Steve's POV, but Tony Stark is a needy bastard. This was such a blast to write, and came together quicker than anything I can recall.

And that's all she wrote, folks. Endless love to the usual suspects - templeandarche, martinigrl, and the_afterlight - for putting up with my neuroses, and to mikeneko for the Andrea beta. Final word count for this writing season (which was about two weeks, for me - why am I such a procrastinator?): 16,856. I would also like to note that none of my titles involved lyrics, poetry, or parentheticals. See? I'm growing.

A warm welcome to Deb, Andrea, and Edith, the marvelous women who join Chloe Sullivan, Miranda Bailey, Inara Serra, Liz Parker, Izzie Stevens, Sarah Walker, and Kaylee Frye on the shortlist of female POV protagonists in my wheelhouse thus far (even if I will never write Edith again). Until next year!

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