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There's a harvest each Saturday night...

Well bleh. Long story short: I broke up with Glee tonight. Ryan Murphy's soapbox has become a towering platform of fail, complete with straight shaming and a huge slap in the face to bisexuals everywhere. At one point I nearly wanted to vomit. Then Brittany and Santana did it for me. Goodbye, silly show with so much wasted potential. I will miss your cast immensely, but not your creative destruction.

In other news... Number of people I've converted to a new fandom this week: six. My record remains unblemished.

So I waxed all kinds of poetic about this thing that I have done, and then didn't bother to mention what the thing actually is. Behold, the thing.

Ashes and Flame (Every You and Every Me)
Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark/Katniss Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy.
For hardlygolden and my beloved templeandarche. Characters are property of Suzanne Collins, as is an excerpt of Mockingjay dialogue. I'm just taking them out to play. Title, in part, courtesy of John Mark McMillan, and the song that served as fuel for the fire.
Peeta comes home, still unsure what the word means.

( There's no one left to carry away from Twelve, and no one to leave behind but me. )

Fake cut is fake; fic's up on AO3. Also, the Hunger Games trilogy is made of win and awesome and awesome win, and you should totally read it. Yes, you there.

That is all.
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