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That I Would Be Good

I finished something yesterday. Let's all pause to recognize what a feat that is, in and of itself.

Moreover, I finished something yesterday that I'd only started the night before. I've knocked out pieces in a tight window before - Requiem was one, the first chapter of Back To You, this year's Yuletide pinch hit for Community. But this is different somehow, that I had an all-encompassing compulsion bunny a few hours after I finished the source material, and a few hours after that I had a story. One that isn't slice-of-life fic, but a full-fledged story. I wrote through updates in the Chlollie comm and my DVR light signaling prime time and a fever that made me feel like crap, because the act of writing felt better. It felt like lightening in a bottle.

So I'm posting this, and then I'm going to try to do it again.

Wish me luck.


Before I go, have a meme!

Via almost everyone on my flist: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

And Justice For All :: Smallville, Oliver/Chloe. Final part in the "All Along the Watchtower" series.
Chant Down Babylon :: Inception, Eames/Arthur.
Clash of the Titans (series) :: "Atlas (Map of the Problematique)", "Hyperion (Where the Road Meets the Sun)", "Endymion (Dark Side of the Moon)", and "Phoebe (Past Perfect Future Tense)". Smallville/Roswell/Supernatural, Oliver, J'onn, Michael, Dean, Chloe.
Edge of the Earth :: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Vishous-centric. With implied Vishous/Butch, because come on, I'm me.
Elysium (The End Where I Begin) :: Roswell, tag to darkvixen1979's "Nemesis Game."
Heartstrings :: Smallville, Oliver/Chloe. This one's been sitting so long.
I As I (And Not As We) :: Supernatural, Sam-centric. Ditto. It's post-ep. In season four.
My Heart Knows You By Name :: Smallville, Oliver/Chloe.
Nothing Ever Hurt Like You :: Primeval, Connor/Abby.
Palindrome :: Roswell, Ensemble. My Antarian history/hostile takeover/scifi blowout epic of doom.
Romeo in Black Jeans :: SPN/Multiverse.
Shorn of All Illusion :: Roswell, Michael/Liz. Dealfic for martinigrl.
Stand on Ceremony :: Stargate Atlantis, Jon-centric, Team. For darkmuse_ic.
Subversion :: Roswell, Michael/Liz. Sixth installment of the "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" series.
The Fear You Won't Fall :: Smallville/Ally McBeal. Yes, you read that right.
Variations On A Theme (Thirteen Conversations About One Thing) :: Troubleshooters, Jules/Robin (Robin-centric). For mjules. Really, really need to wrap this up.
White Buffalo Woman :: Roswell, Riverdog, Michael.
Plus As-Yet-Untitleds for Alice (Hatter-centric) and Hawaii Five-0 (Kono-centric).

My WIP folder gives the impression that I'm far shippier than I actually am. Some of those will never be finished, but that's everything. *sigh*

And I'm off!
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