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I might be so sick in the head I need to be bled dry to quit...

Drive: Missed.

Me: Pissed.

All of the new fangirl flailing I'm spying everywhere just digs the knife in a little deeper. Guess I'll be finding a download somewhere. Drat.

I did however, see The Departed (finally, Tammi!). And it was as glorious as everyone swore it was. Note to Dicaprio-haters like myself: watching won't kill you. Scorsese brings out the best in that boy. He should stick with Marty for the rest of his natural-born life.


As if there wasn't enough going on... My grandmother starts her full radiation schedule today. My grandfather is still petulantly refusing to eat, even though we've explained to him time and time again that he can't leave inpatient care until he's put some weight on. And now, they've found a mass on my dad's kidney. They're testing to determine whether or not it's cancerous, and if it is, he'll be headed to surgery very soon. When it rains...

My mother and I are just burnt out, and I'm going to end up strangling my uncle and his wife before long. I mean, damn... Sure, you're running for school board re-election. Fine. What-the-fuck-ever. But when was the last time either of you took a day off work? Or chauffeured Gram up to the North Side for an appointment or a treatment? Or spent a night on the ancient sofa bed just so she's not nervous sleeping in her own house without Poppa? What's that? Oh, never? Funny, because that's all we've been doing. And I swear to god, the next time one of us has to come out from the city to bring food or grab clothes or go to the drugstore, when I could stand in the center's parking lot, throw a rock, and hit your fucking house, I'm kicking somebody's ass.

Of course, my muse picks now to get her ass in gear. I've been working on the spec, but she's not content with that. Suddenly she wants Battlestar and Brotherhood (and I've never even been tempted to write bookfic before) and this insane Roswell/Smallville/Supernatural cracktastic! extravaganza, complete with epic!plot and crazy crossover pairings (we're talking Dean/Liz, Sam/Chloe, Ollie/Isabel, and Michael/Jo with a side of Kyle/Ava). I tried to sit her down and have a nice, firm, "Listen here, bitch" chat, but she was having none of it. She's getting a little rabid, that one, and I may have to grab the sawed-off and take it to that Old Yeller place. We'll see.

On the plus side, new pictures of Darby and my favorite boys came in yesterday, along with a slightly frazzled but very welcome update from Stac. PA girls and guy, I'll be uploading them at some point today so that we can all bask in the cuteness together.

Back to the grind...
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