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The Joker And The Thief

Just a few of my favorite Chollie fics, for lilyayl. Will be updated often.


The Fall by omens
The hero doesn't always get the girl.
One of the best Olivers in early Chlollie fiction, and one of my favorite oneshots ever.

Stumbling Into Destiny by medie
Somebody has to look out for the man.
This one packs so much into so little - Chloe's always-keen insights, Oliver's always-noble intentions, and their always-intriguing dynamic. Short and sweet and snarky, just like Chloe.

I'm Okay With That (I Am) by savage_midnight
They weren't always this and they won't always be this, but for now they simply are, and she's okay with that. Chloe, Oliver and the best kind of goodbye.
Pre-"Justice", Chloe sorts out her world full of secrets. A beautiful, kind of lyrical look at the way things could have unfolded.

Next Time by iliana_1
Unspools from the beginning, with hope that this isn't the end. Great Chloe characterization.

Favorite Parts by fickery
Sweet without being schmoopy, hot without being smutty, and a great demonstration of the mutual respect and admiration these two share.

Dance Party JLA by fickery
Starts out as fluff, and then turns surprisingly poignant for a few minutes there. Great look at the family the team has built, and Clark as the black sheep. Love love love her Victor voice.

The Bet by shadowglove88
When on a mission, Chloe and Oliver get stuck in a very small trap-room, forcing them to confront their mutual attraction, but does this situation have to do with Luthorcorp, or just one very cunniving, matchmaking cousin?
Take one part Chlollie being adorable but oblivious and one part Lois being meddling and awesome, and you have the formula for a fic that I will always read. It's been done a few times over now, but this is my favorite.

Secrets and Lies by bella8876
Oliver wants to know what's going on with Chloe and he's not leaving until he gets answers, even if they aren't the ones he wants.
Hilarious Chloe and Oliver blowouts, and a smart, sympathetic Jimmy that we never really saw in canon.

Obviously Off-Limits by novadelphine
“Fellas,” he called out casually, quickly catching his breath, “you mind losing the guns? You’re gonna give my girl a heart attack.”
Ah, the age-old "mission make-out fake-out" fic. Again, it's been done time and time again, but this one is particularly adorable, and unique in its outside POV.

Rendezvous by sarcastic_fina
“You should be more careful,” Lex told her. “You never know who’s watching,"
It's Chlollie wrapped in a snarky Chlex package! Fina has a solid grasp on Lex, and his interactions with Chloe are always a little dangerous and a lot delicious.

The Babysitter's Club by bella8876
Oliver gets trapped into babysitting: "Oliver? What's u-" she stopped. "What on earth is that noise?" "That, Chloe, is your cousin's spawn, and it won't stop. Help."
Another setup that seems to happen often in Chlollie-fic - someone dumps a small child in Oliver's lap, and it's Chloe to the rescue. This one, though, has the added benefit of history between the two of them, and all the tension and unanswered questions that come with it.


I'll Explain Everything When It's Friday by bella8876
When Chloe starts to relive the same Thursday over and over again she has to figure out a way to stop the time loop before she goes crazy with the help of our favorite group of superheros. If she's lucky she'll make it to Friday, her friends and family will be alive, and she'll get a little action out of it.
Quite possibly the cutest Chlollie ever. Bella's Chloe is fabulous, her League voices are second to none, and her OCs are three-dimensional and interesting. This is such a great read.

Just For Funsies and Love For Realsies by babydee1
Chloe decides to take Oliver up on his offer of guilt-free sex. & Chloe finds it increasingly difficult to resist Ollie’s affections.
Friends with benefits becomes something more, but only one of them is ready to admit it. Weaves canon in nicely.

Of Love and Friendship by sarcastic_fina
(AU) Chloe Sullivan grew up in Star City, California with high hopes of becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, but destiny has other plans. Finding a best friend in billionaire Oliver Queen, their lives intersect and take them on a journey neither of them ever expected.
Long and plotty and delightful, with a wonderful length of time devoted to nothing but friendship, interaction, and both of them becoming who they're meant to be.

While You Were Gone by sarcastic_fina
With Clark and Lois gone Chloe is left to her own devices, but there’s someone else willing to help pick up the pieces and in the process, heal himself along the way.
I'm a sucker for anything with a slow build, and this has it in spades - Oliver and Chloe, haunted in the aftermath of everything, chasing the ghosts away together.

It's Never Too Late To Start Over by bella8876
After thinking that Oliver is dead Chloe did what she thought she had to to keep everyone safe, but when Oliver comes back, is it too late to save the woman who sacrificed her life to save him?
Amnesiac!Oliver and Chlex, plus an awesome Chloe/Victor friendship.
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