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All of this around us will fall over...

My Honors English teacher freshman year (or "freshwoman", as my feminist Catholic high school often corrected) was a bit of a doofy, dorky genius. While the rest of the grade level was tackling reading list standards, Mr. Krause let us bypass selections like The Scarlet Letter and Red Badge of Courage in favor of some offbeat choices - The Jungle, Ulysses, Brave New World.

Among the authors who came to be favorites - Gordon Parks, Joseph Heller, S.E. Hinton - and stories that will stay with me for a lifetime, Cat's Cradle became the first book I ever fell in love with. Its tone, language, and spectrum fascinated me and, I have no doubt, heavily influenced the rabid fangirl I have become (see my earlier post regarding the Black Dagger Brotherhood, my love of anti-heroes, underdogs and all things tinged with an edge of scifi and fantasy - i.e. my utter worship of Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos - and my SPN/BSG/Heroes flailing in general). It was the seed from which satire bloomed in my brain. It was my first glimpse at pure, unadulterated written genius. And that was all before I picked up Slaughterhouse-Five. So this is a sad day.

Kurt Vonnegut Dies at 84.

In addition to the profound sense of loss, I can't help but think of Can't Hardly Wait - that naive young Preston, such an anti-hero in his own right, was headed off to a writing workshop with Vonnegut was poetic justice (and actually made my heart pinch for a little teen flick). A strange thought, I know, but I never claimed to be anything else.

The beauty in words on paper? The genius lives on.


Nobody played my fangirl game but ladygloria (overachiever that she is), so she wins by default. She did very well, though - I'll be revealing answers on the post. Lis, pick a fic (or a ficlet idea).
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