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Well it goes like this...

You know how I like to save up my little bullet points until I have a respectable, post-worthy length?

Yeah, this is not one of those entries. I am posting to squee for squee's sake.

We all know that I enjoy a good fandom conversion (or ten) every once in awhile, especially where my smaller or lit fandoms are concerned. On the latter front, the most recent conversion attempt was spreading love for Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series through the whole of Yulechat. hhertzof caved, to my overwhelming delight, and to my surprise, mjules was already passingly familiar with the series, having been gifted the All Through The Night novella. But my squee piqued interest in the Jules/Robin backstory, which was perfectly fine by me, as they're one of the few pairings I have left, and one of the very, very few I consider OTPs. Several used books, marathon reading sessions, one cosmic name in common, and lots of flailing later, I had a new partner in Troubleshooters land.

And then Jules wrote me fic.

Oh yes. Glorious, glorious fic that encompasses every bit of our personal canon for these amazing characters, and made me flail in feedback as I have never flailed before (and even used another conversion connection! Jules is just that good).

I know there are at least a few other Brockmann fans on my flist, so come sigh and squee with me over And Every Breath We Drew. It's poignant and perfect and desperately needed to be told, and all I can say is... hallelujah.

P.S. As if I could just leave without furthering my nefarious plan. (I kind of want a little trademark symbol after that.)

The Troubleshooters books are little slices of heaven, trufax. Even though they tend to be marketed as mainstream romance, they're more military suspense with arcs that are heavy on the romance. They're dark and plotty and completely without formula, which is about the furthest thing from mainstream romance that I can imagine.

Brockmann's cast is a wonder - her characters are three-dimensional and flawed and awesome, and their stories unfold over multiple books. There's no arbitrary conflict for conflict's sake, difficult problems and issues aren't glossed over or ignored because it may reflect badly on the character, and the world is incredibly diverse, but oh-so-believably. They're also, as mjules puts it, full of genderwin, racewin, and queerwin. Not just non-fail, but win. There is win all over the place. The win runs rampant.

If you're not familiar with the series, there's no time like the present.

(Note: Like I said, it gets dark in there. Several books are triggery - Over the Edge, Flashpoint, and Into the Storm in particular - for a variety of subjects. Just wanted to warn.)
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