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And although my eyes were open, they might've just as well been closed...

Supposed to be working remotely today, but the pull of my bed and tales of the Black Dagger Brotherhood have proven too powerful. God, when was the last time I curled up with a book? I used to read three, maybe four a week. Before yesterday, I think the last one I cracked was Natural Born Charmer, the day of its release. And since I'm a speed-reader, that bit the dust pretty quickly.

That's why I love novels in series - I can still read as fast as I normally do, but over multiple books, I can hold on to the characters for the same length of time it takes most other people to finish the first. Suzanne Brockmann's lengthy, rip-roaring stories of the Navy's most powerful SEAL team, the nation's most elite FBI counter-terrorism unit, and the world's most deadly private security detail will go down in history as my favorite stretch. The novels are raw, absorbing, both character and plot-driven, and genre-less (Is it mystery? Romance? Suspense? Military/political drama?), completely without formula and seemingly without end - book eleven in the series is scheduled for an August release. Highly recommended.

In fact, they were recommended to me. And when I say "recommended", I mean I was threatened (yes, queenie__b, I'm looking at you). And she's done it again, with the violent, visceral world of JR Ward's vampire warriors. Q knows that I'm not a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon or Laurell K. Hamilton, and that I consider Anne Rice the most overrated author in published existence, so I was a little underwhelmed at the angle, to say the least. But I've just learned to take her word as law and head to the bookstore when she says "jump" - the payoff is always glorious, and these books are no exception. They've proven just the escape I needed (and with hulking forms, haunted pasts, and names like Thorment, Phury, Zsadist and Rhage, how is a dark-hero-loving girl like me supposed to resist?). Bonded not by blood but by birthright, these six men are the only soldiers defending their kind in a war for survival that's gone on for centuries. Their existence, down to its beliefs, traditions and language, is beautifully compelling, and the near-total destruction of vampire lore as we know it crafts a spectacular world for these warriors. Plus, the author (much like Brockmann) embraces her reader base and conducts "interviews" with the undead members of the Brotherhood, which just reinforces what amazing characters they are, and what a strong impression this series makes. Go out and grab them. You won't be disappointed.

Also, this song may be one of my favorite covers ever. Definitely heading up the cross-genre list.
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