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Sounds like south.

Brandon Routh is on my television. And will be there every Monday for weeks to come. martinigrl hates him already, much like one twice-dead Bryce Larkin, so I am destined to love him like no other. I adore Routh on general principle, even moreso than Bomer, so this was probably a foregone conclusion. *squeefully looks forward to the impending Sarah/Shaw foeyay*

YuleChat continues to be the best bad influence ever, and as such, I'm kinda sorta considering sncross_bigbang as a plotting exercise. Kind of. Maybe. A little. There are more than a few bunnies of the epic persuasion floating around in my head (SPN/Dexter, SPN/Leverage, SPN/SGA, SPN/Primeval, and the ever-present SPN/Smallville), but it's a big commitment, and I've got a full plate, as usual. In related news, on the heels of a very recent discussion about all the smutty fic urges being dead in me, I'm giving serious thought to signing up for the Porn Battle. Mostly because there's a Connor/Abby prompt that intrigues me greatly, and it'd be smut that's less about the sex than about Something Else Entirely, which is my favorite kind.

Hush, miniglik. I can hear you cackling.

Off to watch Alice. Again.
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