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One of my late-made new year's resolutions was to be better about updating, so here I am. With updates. For the next few minutes, please act as if you care.

  • Had a surprise early offtime from work yesterday (thank you, day-before-holiday closing rules), and we headed out to our favorite fusion place for a few hours. Our dining party looked a bit like something straight out of central casting ("quick, we need a Diversity Table!") but there was great food, great company, and great conversation. Also pictures of my sister's boyfriend walking hot coals and Dr. Mike eating a guinea pig in Indonesia. They serve it whole. It was so very disturbing. But all in all, good times.

  • Brace yourselves, San Diego... martinigrl, darkmuse_ic, kalenodonnell and yours truly are headed to the Whale's Vagina. Comic-Con is coming! There was some scrambling for passes that we hadn't anticipated, but after literally years of saying "one day we really need a group vacay" we're actually doing it. These are a few of my favorite people in the world, so getting to hang out with them for five days is the real reward. That we get ubercool stuff like Chuck panels and cosplay gazing and the BPAL booth is just the icing on the cake.

  • Everywhere I look (except at martinigrl), the Andrew-Lee Potts love is swelling. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Speaking of (smooth non-sequitur, eh?), I've got two ALP fandoms on my fic offering list at help_haiti, among several other things. Bidding is open through January 20th. For those who favor immediate gratification, there's also the Lightening Round. A quick donation to Doctors Without Borders netted me Firefly flashfic from the marvelous snowishness, who wrote a lovely, Simon-centric piece, Like My Parents Taught Me, that I've already read three times now.

  • With the fic talk done, that brings me to my biggest and most important resolution for the year: to be more productive and focus more energy on original efforts. I have a novel to finish, another to start, a couple spec and pilot bunnies to sort, and something to do with G. Our respective strongest points tend to be the other's weaker, so together we'd be a force to be reckoned with, right? We have plans, I tell you. They may or may not involve taking over the world.

  • Adam Lambert is very pretty. That is all.
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