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Fandom united.

Joining the many, many people of my awesome f-list for help_haiti, fandom's auction answer to earthquake relief. A donation to a very good cause nets you not only karma points, but fic/art/miscellaneous goodies made just for you.

My post is here: Offering one fic, of at least 1000 words, either new from prompt of your choosing or a brand new part of one of my (many) by-the-wayside works in progress. Fandoms include Supernatural, Dollhouse, Leverage, Chuck, Primeval, Psych, White Collar and more. Even a few tiny fandoms (Everwood? Troubleshooters? A little of Syfy's Alice, anyone?) made the cut, and crossovers are welcome and encouraged.

The minimum donation is just $5. Every $5 thereafter (up to $25) bumps the length another 1000 words. A bid over $25 gets you a matching banner (here's an example for posterity). And if you're feeling particularly generous (say, $50 generous), there'll be a special surprise.

Comment directly to the post to pledge your bid, and make sure to check out the other offers as well. There are literally thousands, from truly talented people.

I feel like I should cue up "Come Together" or something. For all the wank, sometimes fandom rocks.
Tags: awesome when you least expect it, fandom saves the day, the proverbial plate, writing, you know you want to
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