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Leave a present under the tree, for me...

yuletide is live and kicking, and once again, my Yuletide Santa was very good to me.

The New York ComicCon Con
Leverage. Hardison, Elliot and Parker steal ComicCon for a young hacker.
First off, it's Hardison at a con. That's made of win, in and of itself. Eliot and Parker show up to tease him (then get drawn into the madness), the kindred spirit scheduled to be Hardison's con buddy isn't who he was expecting (in any way, shape, or form), and the whole thing turns into a job, complete with Parker pinching IDs and Eliot beating up bouncers and Hardison doing an impromptu bad guy rundown with a projector instead of his beloved LCDs. It's amazingly awesome, and you should go read it right now. Yes, now.

I'll be back at some point with a proper rec list, but I betaed quite a few fics this go-round, all of them marvelous, and wanted to link the few that I could without outing the authors (I'll link the rest post-reveal).

Those That Be Not What They Seem
Leverage/Othello. Hardison knows he should be concentrating on memorizing his lines, because those suckers were difficult with all the 'thees' and 'thous,' but all he could think about were the tights.
I love this fic so much. I haven't even been able to bring myself to feedback for fear of totally outing the author with a chorus of "HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME?!" You all know me and cracktastic crossovers, so this was right up my alley to begin with. But Hardison as Othello! And iambic pentameter! This is truly glorious, and must be read to be truly appreciated.

A Revenge Play in 3 Acts
Roswell. This time, she's not the villain of the piece.
Ah, my very first fic fandom. I've never written Tess, and I'm one of the few who actually loved Isabel, so seeing Isabel as the mastermind of destruction and Tess sort-of redeemed (even in her own head) is fascinating. Especially because, even within the structure of canon, it's entirely plausible. Dark and chilling and more than a little heartbreaking.

Fringe. 24 hours in the life of Astrid Farnsworth.
This is the Astrid fic I always wanted (no, seriously. I originally requested Astrid fic, then scrubbed it in favor of Hardison. And since I actually received said Hardison fic, betaing this was like the best of both worlds). It has a delightful Walter voice and an equally-strong Peter, but there's no doubt that Astrid is the star of this piece. Marvelous.

JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Christmas presents the Brotherhood way.
I wrote BDB last year, so it was all kinds of lovely to sit back and read it this year. A few of you are well aware that Vishous/Butch is my OTP in this fandom. My thoughts of them are usually filled with angst and longing and long-shot impossibilities, so this light and easy piece was a breath of fresh air.

Hour of Separation
True Blood. The Vampire Council has an unthinkable edict for Eric and Godric.
Lovely look at the bonding and ties between maker and child, and just how those ties are severed. Wonderful, conflicted Eric and dead-on Godric. Complete with Council OCs and bonus Swedish.

Some Things Are Different, Some Things Are The Same
Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars series. No matter what changes, some things remain the same. Four AU's and one possibility.
Dean and Heath (with cameos from Kevin and Phoebe) working their way through a few universes that might be familiar. Dean's still the hothead with dreams of getting glory of his own, and Heath's still the Python with dreams of pulling the strings on everyone else's glory. Clever and original.

And if you like those, there are about 3400 more where they came from, all in the shiny new Yuletide archive.
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