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The curious case of pumpkin underwear.

ChiCon weekend has wrapped, and I am still recovering. The guests were all amazing, there were no major fanbrat moments, and I met a ton of great people. (On the other hand, I spent far too much money and discovered muscles in my legs that I never knew existed, but everything's a trade-off, right?)

And then there was the underwear.

But we'll get to that later. Have some pretty, pretty people.*

I don't think it's any secret that my over-the-top con excitement centered on Aldis Hodge. My newfound Hardison love made me irrationally giddy about his con appearance, and he did not disappoint.

He's both humble and hilarious, and clearly has fond memories of filming and fond feelings for SPN fandom. His favorite scene to film was the epic smackdown of doom ("Though they didn't have to do me like that. He shot me like 57 times. I was dead after the second or third one!"). That said, I was thrilled to see so much love for Leverage - several of the questions during his panel were centered on the show, and Hardison, and being the world's most awesome geek.

At one point - after being asked what movie his life would be, and who he'd choose as his leading lady - the crowd coaxed him to call his girlfriend (whom he chose - cue crowd "awww"s) and relay his answer. While she was on speakerphone, he thanked us for scoring him brownie points.

I think everybody overspends at cons, but a big part of mine was due to the five-foot banner of Aldis that my hand decided to bid on during Saturday's auction. On the plus side, it was quite the conversation piece during the autograph session - he whipped out his camera to take a picture for his mother, and signed it "This is the biggest 'me' I've ever seen." So, you know... worth every penny.

I know a there was a lot of concern about Jim's health in the week leading up to the con, but he never let any of it show. He came out with a bang, waiting for the crowd to die down before grumbling a greeting: "Hello, idjits."

He talked about working with the boys, and Bobby's breakdown, and totally outed his sister for knowing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny and not John (and on top of that, for not knowing her brother was on Supernatural at all).

And he talked about Life's That Way, a collection of the email digests he sent to family and friends every night since his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and their daughter was diagnosed with autism. Over the course of a year, between the diagnosis and his wife's death, the emails circulated to thousands of people, and became messages of living and loss. Jim did a reading on Friday night, and signed copies during his autograph panel on Saturday.

And of course, for levity's sake, Misha crashed the party. He gave Jim shit about his wardrobe choices (apparently he felt it was disrespectful to show up for all of us without a tie. And in a T-shirt that said "Kill 'em all, let god sort 'em out") and was generally giving us a preview of the awesomeness to come.

Loads of energy, lots of humor (and even some potshots at the boys - "who are Sam and Dean?"). And, of course, the shirt.

And then there was Misha.

Misha, in his three piece suit and argyle socks. Argyle. Socks.

Misha, who hates Australia (but not really), experimented with cross-dressing in Cub Scouts (thanks to a little help from his mother), and said that scenes with Jensen inevitably deteriorate into who can out-gravel the other (before admitting that he sort of regrets the Cas voice).

Misha, who fielded this year's inevitable fanfic question with dignity and aplomb, and then with flat-out humor ("Maybe I've read all your stories. Maybe I've commented. Some of them were badly written. You know who you are.").

Misha, who backed his way into embarrassing a fan during Q&A, and tried to smooth things over by making jokes about second-date awkwardness and asking for a third ("How do you feel about... milkshakes?"). And then actually doing it, pulling up a chair for her at his autograph station and treating them both to milkshakes. How glorious is he?

Richard Speight, Jr, our beloved Trickster-turned-angel, took his turn panel crashing. (I do have shots of Richard's panel, BTW, though they'll be interesting to retouch - he moves constantly, and my camera suffered the consequences).

During Richard's Q&A, he was asked if the boys had pranked him yet, and he got very excited about actually having a story to tell. During "Changing Channels", one of the guest actors (actually named Gabriel) apparently left Richard a "gift" in his trailer. What Richard found was a pair of pumpkin orange bikini briefs. Worn pumpkin orange bikini briefs.

He accused the boys, who were basically like "bzuh?", before Misha fessed up (he'd spilled soup, changed, and wardrobe had done the laundry and put the folded underwear in Richard's trailer by mistake). Richard's reaction was "Okay, I understand the mixup, but... pumpkin bikini briefs?!" Misha's explantation? "They were a gift. From a fan."

So Richard crashed for clarification - and validation - and they argued about underwear for a good two minutes. The pumpkin pair, by the way, is now pinned to the wall in the AD trailer, signed with the words "This underwear smells like Cas."

The entire exchange was hilarious. Priceless, even.

In fact, hilarious in ways I wasn't even aware of. And never would have been were it not for the magic of the interwebs.

I spent most of the panels crouched (or kneeling, or sitting, even) at the side of the stage. But when Richard came in, I couldn't get him in shots from where I was, so I had to move around to the front of the stage. They bantered, they laughed, they made good-natured insults. Then Richard departed, and I moved back into my old spot at the side of the stage. No harm, no foul. Until the clips hit YouTube.

You can see me duck in on at the lower right, and then duck back out when Richard passes. And flash my flame-red, lipstick-printed, "Pucker Up" panties to the crowd in the process. After that exchange, it was almost cosmic.

I have long, long nights in Photoshop ahead of me - I took about 1800 pictures total. And these are just from Saturday. Enough pretty pretty picspam to last the rest of my life. Mmm. Happy thoughts.

*Shots have no watermarks to mar the pretty. Feel free to send people here if you'd like, but please don't repost pics. I suffered too long to get them.
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