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Wild Guessing, Part Deux.

I have returned with more BSG speculation, sketchiness from the horse's mouth, and possibly slobbering, since Anders is involved.

E!Online's Kristin had a post-finale chat with Ronald D. Moore, who seems hell-bent on making me suffer. I'm not sure whether to erect a shrine in his honor or fashion a voodoo doll in his likeness. A detailed one. Possibly anatomically correct.

A few key excerpts from the interview...

KV: The identities of the four Cylons are so shocking! Tory's always been a little iffy, but the loyalties of Anders, Tigh and the Chief seemed beyond question, and they led the resistance on New Caprica. None of them were the usual suspects. Is there any sort of relationship between that sort of human loyalty and their Cylonity?
RDM: I don't know that it's directly connected. If you're asking if that was part of the plan to have them take that cover, then no. They're very much unaware of how they could be Cylons, they're confused by the knowledge, and they don't have an agenda. It's not the same as when Sharon was a Cylon—they haven't been to the Cylon parties. All they really know is they're Cylons. They have this revelation to themselves of what their true nature is, but beyond that they have no idea what the agenda is or if they have an agenda or how this could have happened. They're very much in the dark, much like the audience is.

Oh, are we now, RDM? You think?

He went on to confirm that Anders, Tigh, Tyrol and Tory are, in fact, Cylons. One widespread theory down, forty billion to go. This is an interesting revelation, given the facts we do have - that the identities of the Final Five are unknown to the other seven models, and they didn't come into the knowledge of thier nature in a typical Cylon "sleeper agent" way. I'm not sure I completely believe him here, though. That these four, the three men in particular, are four of the last five Cylon models is too good to not have been influenced or impacted by their roles in the Resistance and in the fleet. My brain just can't let go of the idea that they're big bad Soldiers of the Apocalypse.

KV: Are the Cylons all working to a larger goal, or are there different factions with their own agendas?
RDM: I think we've started to suggest that some might have their own agendas. D'Anna certainly had her own agenda, and it ended up getting her boxed. I think there are divisions within the Cylon nation itself, and I think those divisions and fissures will only grow as the fourth season goes on.

The Cylon Nation. Capital "n", because I like the visual punch. Is it strange that I've never thought of it that way, in those specific terms? I mean, I've considered the classification - are they a race? A species? Do they get a scientific name, like Cylo sapiens? But nation... never even dreamed it. Sends my mind spinning again...

KV: Do those factions have leaders? Cavil seemed to be a little bit more knowing...
RDM: I think certain leadership will start to develop on both sides of the divide.

Okay, mind in overdrive. Because Cavil, opinionated, self-righteous son-of-a-bitch that he is, doesn't strike me as leader of the other seven. Not in the least. I'm sure we're meant to believe that Doral fills that purpose, given his interaction with Six and Athena on Caprica, his sway over the Colonization models (and Baltar) on New Caprica, and his general creepiness (seeing Fives always kind of cools my blood a few degrees), or that Boomer and Caprica-Six shared the Cylon throne for awhile.

But I can't help but consider of Leoben as the penultimate of the seven. When I think of Colonial One, beached on New Caprica as delegation headquarters and Baltar's personal prison, it's Three and Six and Sharon I see, Doral and Cavil hashing out the big decisions. And where was Leoben? Playing house with Kara. Dying every day, by her hand, and downloading to start all over again. Was he calling the shots from on high, then retreating to twisted domestic bliss while the other models did the dirty work? I've always wondered.

As for the newest batch... We all know who'll be running that show.

KV: Will we meet the fifth Cylon eventually, and when?
RDM: Yes, I think we will eventually reveal the fifth Cylon. "When" is a tougher question to answer, because we haven't really decided ourselves.

Aha! So, while he didn't say that Kara isn't a Cylon, this is assurance that we only got four of the Final Five in the finale, so Starbuck's Lazarus impression should not be construed as her coming out party. (For the record, he also refused to reveal whether or not we've met the fifth Cylon before.)

And finally, the biggest pleas for the immediate use of black magic -

KV: Does Kara Thrace's special destiny have anything to do with the identity of her father?
RDM: Of her father? No.

The emphasis makes me think things. Bad things. Sedition and subversion ahoy, people. Either the nail's been hit on the head and he was taken by surprise, or we've just got the wrong parental unit. But there's something relevant there.

Might spell curtains for my "Tigh is Kara's father" cracktheory, though.

KV: Is Hera the first human-Cylon hybrid, or were there maybe other ones before her?
RDM: Uh...I don't think I'll answer that one.

Or does it?

And just because my brain is still hurting...

Do Cylon's get sick? More specifically, do some models get sick and not others (like the Final Five vs. the original seven)? Are some programmed to get sick?

They can apparently get drunk, since Saul MF Tigh is Badass Numero Uno. And it's clear that morning sickness applies when it comes to pregnancy. But I seriously want to know the answer to this one. Because now that we know that Anders is now Cylon!Sam, it puts a different spin on a few things. Things like how he survived the beautiful foursome bombing and got himself caved in with Three, Boomer and Caprica. But what's more interesting to me is how, if Cylons could survive Caprica's nuclear winter (also speaks to how Sam pulled through), he could be felled by something like pnuemonia during the settlement. Is it strategic? Is it programming? Is it a lapse in continuity? Is their engineering so detailed and so close a mimic to human anatomy and physiology that they have an immune system and are susceptible to viruses and infections? Does cancer absolve Laura of Cylon possibility? Does anyone actually care about this but me?

(I've also long wondered if the resurrection process only includes memories, or if things like physical sensation are included - like, say, the pain of a violent death - since they seem to carry emotion over to the next body, but that's a whole other essay.)

Did the Final Five create their own humanoid model technology? And if that's true, are they capable of resurrection at all?

I think it's possible that there are two separate methods involved here. Saul, considering his history - a past that we know is true via Adama, unless the Old Man is the last of the Five - could easily have been the first humanoid Cylon model. Perhaps they didn't engineer human bodies at all, but rather inhabited them in pieces (think Cyborg) and finally in consciousness. I just get the feeling that these four people have been in their bodies their entire lives, no memory simulation involved, which intrigues me, to say the least.

Are human/Cylon hybrids capable of resurrection?

A make-or-break question, I think. Because if they aren't, Adama could be the final of the Five, Lee could have a reason for his emo, and Zak would still be dead. And if they are... well, wouldn't that be interesting.

It stands to reason, given the Hera hulabaloo, the frenzy over her protection, and her medical issues (even though her blood itself heals) that, when it comes to mortality, hybrids are more human than Cylon. Makes sense. But I'd be interested to see what would happen if, say, a Cylon reproduced with a hybrid. This brought to mind another question, though.

If Kara is a Cylon, why didn't she ever get pregnant?

Okay, our girl doesn't turn down a good frakking. But she's been with two men repeatedly, two men who love her. Two men she loves. Since that's the punchline of the big Cylon birds and bees talk, common sense says that if she was a Cylon, she'd be knocked up by now. Especially considering that, per the precedent, it doesn't take a whole lot of tries at bat.

Does Kara Thrace's Special Destiny include Leoben?

I tried to answer myself, but the possibility is too much to handle.

I set out to make decidedly a Badass!Anders icon last night, and emerged from Photoshop with its polar opposite. Ah well. If at first you don't succeed, go look at more Sam.
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