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But this is our ungodly hour...

Scored lawn seats for The Fray last night. Note to Fray: in the future, if you'd like to avoid thousands of people streaming out of the venue before the encore, don't take the stage at 9:30 on a Sunday night (for a 7pm show!). We had to hum along to "Heaven Forbid" on our way out of the gate, and the "Heartless" cover was completely lost in the madness of 4,000 people trying to find their cars with their panic buttons.

That said, I had no clue Joe did lead vocals on the aforementioned "Heaven Forbid" (as well as "Ungodly Hour"). His voice is eerily, freakishly similar to Isaac's. Always awesome, though, to see a guitarist step to the mic.

Friday night, on the other hand, belonged solely to nostalgia. My sister and best friend kidnapped me and spirited me back to childhood, in the form of a New Kids on the Block concert. There was singing and screaming and $3 Long Islands. We danced, we drank, Hilary peed in the grass... Fun was had by all. One disconcerting tidbit: adorable little Joey Mac is now hot-as-hell Joe McIntyre. Somewhere in my head new this already, having seen him as Fiyero in Wicked, but in New Kids context, my brain disavowed all knowledge and went straight to "Huh. When did that happen?".

giventofly37 asked me questions. And lo and behold, I have answers!

1} What's the most unusual request someone has made of you recently?
A chick at the New Kids concert stopped us in the parking lot after the show, and asked us to watch for security. She then proceeded to pick up a flaming orange parking cone, with the explanation "I just paid 45 bucks for this shirt? Whatdya think? I can take a cone, right?". Her fellow concertgoer begged to differ - "I'm not getting arrested 'cause you wanted a fucking cone!".

2} Who's your role model?
My grandfather was always a huge inspiration to me. He was just a pioneer in everything he did, and was absolutely fearless - over the course of his life, he fought a war, made history in this state (as the first person of color in USPS management), and marched on Washington with Dr. King. But his family always came first. He was the second of nine children, and pretty much raised his youngest brothers and sister. He loved very, very fiercely, and with all of his heart.

3} If you could spend a single day in any fandom universe, which one would you choose?
Oh man, that's tough. I think it'd probably be Pushing Daisies. Living in Technicolor is an artist's dream, and everything's better with pie.

4} Favorite Groban moment? :D
Disclaimer from the get go: it is physically impossible for me to pick just one (unless we can count "all of Never Mind the Buzzcocks" as a legitimate answer, and even then it's suspect), so I'm totally going to cheat here.

Since I've already buzzed about Buzzcocks, let's just start there, shall we?

There's this handy moment...

And Josh's heartfelt plea...

Followed by sheer, utter brilliance.

Then there's tour!Josh - ever the entertainer, even when he's not singing.

And one of many hilarious appearances on Paul O'Grady (this one's complete with Math Fail!).

Aaaaaaand there's always Karaoke!Josh...

Which never gets old, wherever it is.

And last but certainly not least... Well, this one speaks for itself.

I could go on (swamp golf, pot brownies, panda sex, the drum face of doom, the Guitar Hero showdown with Ellen, singing "Dick in a Box" while Angelique Kidjo tries to teach him to dance, the DVD BTS and outtakes of every. single. album., and by god, the Emmy medley), but you'll only want to smack me.

5} Peanut butter and jelly, or just peanut butter by itself? Or just jelly by itself?
The peanut butter stands alone. Weird personal fact: I love peanut butter, but not actually in anything (so no peanut butter cookies or Reese's pieces for me).
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