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There's too much confusion...

And relief isn't coming until 2008. Curse you, Ronald D. Moore! *shakes fist*

So it's been awhile, and the time that's passed has been accompanied by unmitigated craziness. No sooner had my grandmother undergone breast cancer surgery, my grandfather landed himself in the hospital. Went in to the ER with a temp of 104, spent hours in ICU while they tried to cool him down. They initially diagnosed it as pnuemonia, but recanted that days later when his chest films revealed nothing of the sort. He did, however, have a white blood cell count above 40,000 (where healthy human beings hover below 10,000), so there's some kind of massive infection. They brought in an infectuous disease specialist to run tests, but after many, many inpatient days and a surgical procedure to stop his count from climbing further, the team still has no clue.

Where's Greg House when you need him?

At any rate, he's aching, disoriented, and plotting escape plans (I kid you not - on Friday night, he whispered conspiratorially to me - though we were the only ones in the room - about off hours, delivery entrances and paved roads for supply trucks). And it's all compounded by his existing conditions - he has aggressive emphysema and has been living with lingering pancreatic cancer since 1989. The hospital has been both a blessing and a curse, really. While they actually paid attention to pain complaints his longtime GP had ignored - namely his abdominal pain and incontinence, which helped the ID specialist at least narrow the infection to that general area - the staff also seems to be dropping the ball. Long hours at the hospital watching him hurt and get cranky about it have made me cranky by association, and I'm fairly sure that the nurses and aides loathe the very sight of me. This could all be alleviated, however, if everyone did their jobs. If you tell me he's supposed to have his breathing treatment as six and have an antibiotic drip at eight, please don't get pissy when I inquire after why neither has happened at quarter to nine (even though one of you threaded the new IV for the antibiotics at ten past five). And for fuck's sake, when I tell you that he swears his oxygen is off, at least check that the tube connector hasn't come off the line before you assure me that the bitch is actually on. I can hear that it's on, moron (which should've been clue numero uno for you) - it's just not getting to his nose.

And I'm telling you, if he wakes up one more time during the night, in pain and struggling to breathe and making my grandmother rip fresh stitches trying to keep him from thrashing out of the bed and there's no doctor on the floor for hours, blood will spill and heads will roll. Believe it.

In better news, my grandmother has gotten a relatively clean bill of health. They did a frozen biopsy on the lymph node they removed during surgery and it was clean. Still ahead: thirty days of radiation, five days a week, and then she'll be completely in the clear. She's been sleeping in a chair for over a week, and ripped the aformentioned stitches, but she's my Gram - loving, overprotective pit bull that she is. Still the strongest woman I know.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get back to this mind-blowing finale (and subsequent nine month hiatus). RDM, gods know I have infinite patience and limitless faith in you. But are you trying to kill me? Even with the fall movie prospect and the promise of Caprica and GrandpapAdama, how will I ever survive without my go-to show for three quarters of a year? Don't you know that I need my fix? Am I expected to live without weekly doses of Roslin and Caprica and Saul MF Tigh (that's right, bitches, only the full name is acceptable)? How could you dangle the debut of Leoben as spirit guide and the delightful gloriousness of Lamkin and the sheer possibilities of Nugget!Anders before my eyes, only to snatch them away so quickly? I'd even take Leemo or Helo and his halo at this point. Make it come back!


I'm fine now. Completely capable of serious discussion. Really.

So... phenomenal. And I halfway wish I could say that it was just the last ten minutes that pushed the ep over the top, but the culmination of the trial, Gaeta's perjury and Gaius' outrage and Lee's high horse actually being rooted on solid ground, even if the monologue itself wasn't (what kind of court, in any civilization, allows counsel to swear in as a witness and proceed to give a completely opinion-based testimony?)... Bah. Even so, everything just worked, in a way that so many things haven't this season.

Funny though, how even this show's lows fly so much higher than so many other things out there (Smallville, I'm looking at you).

This week, this moment, this climax... all about Leemo for the win. Every word out of his mouth was unparalleled truth - ugly, perhaps unfair, definitely hard to swallow, but absolute truth. Reminded me that a) no matter what issues I may have with the character, Jamie Bamber can act his frakking ass off, and b) Lee has more raw potential than anyone in this universe to be absolutely amazing. It's this Lee that I love - the Lee who voices what nobody wants to hear, the Lee who refuses the forgiveness of others until he can forgive himself, the Lee who knows that ignoring his faults and letting go of his failures would take him farther away from the man he thinks he is (and wants to be) than he could live with.

I also love suited Lee, which is neither here nor there.

The revelation scene - our Final Four, each muttering broken passages of a song born of Dylan and breathed to life by Hendrix, wandering trance-like through Galactica's halls against the panicked rush of traffic... how powerful. The way they entered, one by one, and shifted into place, each a different part of the equation, each representing a key area of power - Tigh from the military, Tory from the administration, the Chief from enlisted service, Anders a one-time civilian who took power into his own hands, not once (on Caprica, with the Resistance), not twice (on New Caprica, Resistance redux) but three times (with his newfound Nugget status). All not only leaders of the Resistance, but leaders period, people with key roles in their human lives (let us not forget that Anders, before he was ever a self-made freedom fighter, was a Colonial celebrity).

Sidebar, for my Roswell girls - did anyone, watching them step into the room and along the box grid on the floor, think Four Square? No? Maybe it was just me.

Beautifully acted. The whole ep was, as per usual, but that scene in particular went above and beyond. Michael Hogan, your Emmy was lost in the mail, but when it finally arrives (engraved, as it should be, with your steely declaration speech of identity affirmation, and, if space allows, followed by the words "For His Gripping Portrayal of Saul Motherfucking Tigh") please wrap it in your eye patch and display it in a place of honor. Tory's disorientation, Anders' vehement disbelief, the Chief's resigned acceptance, and Tigh's stony indifference all played on multiple layers, bounced off of each other until Tory was reaching out to Anders who was trying to shut out Tyrol who was looking to Tigh for guidance... and Saul, badass that he is, declared battlestations for all, and to all a good night. Just don't expect him to go gently.

So now come the questions (followed by brief opinions from yours truly).

First, there's the obvious - SciFi promised the identity of the Final Five. We got four, and the Top Gun return of Starbuck in the final seconds. Are we to assume that Kara is the last Cylon, or did we all collectively miss something?

The latter, I think. Yes, Roslin had a mini-migraine just after the jump and just before all hell broke loose. But that may have been more "OMG! Visions of death and destruction!" than "All Along the Watchtower." Strategically thrown in to throw us off. I do like the idea that Laura is different, somehow - perhaps Hera's blood has changed her, made it capable for her to bridge the distance from prophecy to projection, as she has with Caprica, Hera and Athena.

I'm inclined to believe that Kara isn't the last piece of the Final Five puzzle. I hope that she's not, just because I'm holding out for a bigger role for her in all of this. Yes, she seemingly rose from the dead. It's happened before, figuratively - Roslin was doomed to die, until in swooped Cylon intervention. Given the events of "Maelstrom", I don't see how she could feasibly be a Cylon, not with all the attention paid to her backstory and the big brush of importance they painted it with. And not with her little vision quest, with a man wearing Leoben's face as her spirit guide. Kara isn't human, I don't think, but she's not a Cylon.

So here's my big theory: I think Kara, not Hera, is the first human/Cylon hybrid. Nothing new, I know. But given what we know now, of timelines and identities... I think Tigh is her father. With this show's history of father/child conflict, with Adama and Saul's relationship, with the complete lack of information about Kara's paternity, and with both Saul and Mama Thrace being key figures in the first Cylon war... It's out of left field and hardly seems possible and just might be cracktastic enough to be true.

So if Kara's not the last Cylon, who is?

My dream answer has always, always been Gaeta. But watching the finale, I'm actually starting to believe that it's true. And not just in this ep, though hello clues. First, the perjury. Yes, we all know that he has it in for Gaius. But previous attempts - jugular, jugular, jugular - have all been direct attacks, fueled with less control and more emotion than we're used to seeing from Gaeta. Desperation, almost. This was different. He was so cool, so even, so completely calculated... This was more than lingering guilt eating away at him. This was something else. And then, the jump itself. Fleet-wide failure with no auxillary power? There was nothing in the nebula information that even suggested any natural phenomena that could cause that kind of chaos. Who else could pull that off? And what timing! Just as the Cylon fleet lands on top of them - a fleet that, with the exception of Racetrack and Skulls' close encounter, hasn't been seen in their rearview - they are powerless to jump away.

But let's go back. Back, first, to the first half of this two-parter, which had Gaeta assuring the Old Man that the course was clear, which had Helo's "blood on the wind" moment while Felix stood looking clueless. And back even farther, to his feeding information to Resistance fighters who turned out to be the last of the Cylon models, to his last-ditch, perfectly timed revelation of his involvement to Starbuck (who seems to be the key to this entire thing), to his alignment with Baltar during the occupation, which put him in the perfect position to play for both sides. Why is he so determined to see Baltar dead, now, when he had ample opportunity to do it himself then, when it actually could have made a difference? What's the agenda?

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence, though, the one that's sticking in my brain and beating along my skull, is a long way back. Consider, for a moment, the chaos after Adama's assassination attempt. What's the first thing Felix did once the Old Man was out of the picture, and everyone was at a loss for how to proceed? He networked the system. The one thing he knew would never happen, ever, under any circumstances, had Bill Adama been on his bridge.

Things that make you go "hmmm"...

If the Chief is a Cylon, why the lack of Hera-like fanfare over Nicky?

kalenodonnell and I have long discussed the idea that the Final Five are not only unknown to the seven models we know, but that their origins and ultimate motives are completely different as well. I wondered last night, in light of the reveal, if the Final Five have ever been ressurrected at all, or if (especially considering Tigh's aging right alongside Adama) they have lived in the same bioengineered bodies since their inception. Or perhaps they even found human subjects, people in power or on-the-rise, to copy and inhabit. Who knows? The point is, if the Final Five have been unknown to the others all this time, it can be assumed that they have no knowledge of Nicky. And I rather like the idea that Hera and Nicholas will fight on opposite sides, as decidedly has proposed - that they're the Adam and Eve of this new race, ushering in the future, and that Hera will align with the serpents and bring about ultimate damnation. It really resonates, especially considering the "Gaius as Jesus" parallels. He's been absolved of his sins, but will he die for theirs?

Okay... there's more, but it shall have to wait, as TPTB have deigned that I must actually do some work at work. The nerve. Discuss amongst yourselves and await my return.
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