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And now for an actual update.

Look, a post that doesn't consist solely of Twitter content! Imagine that.

martinigrl and I are in doomsday mode, trying to finish specs (plus a big-ass application package) before a looming deadline that is approaching far too rapidly. Both of us work best under pressure, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't panicking. Just a smidge.

So of course, considering the aforementioned time crunch, the most logical thing to do is squee about a distraction. But the best distraction ever. Tonight: me, PBS, and Chess in Concert. *counts down the minutes*

And I will, of course, be a good girl and write while the public access television people are asking me for money.

On a more focused note... Must. Ignore. Star Trek.

Last but certainly not least, the Time Traveler's Wife trailer has finally been released. It's looking a little light-hearted, true, but I'm hoping that was intentionally done to suck in the Notebook crowd (and man, should they brace themselves for disappointment). On a better note, I love the effect they dreamed up for the visual of Henry shifting, and it's smoothed out some of my issues with Eric Bana in the role - he looks appropriately awed by Clare and tortured by time. McAdams, as expected, reads perfectly.

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