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Highs, lows, and Heroes.

I'm not even going to pretend that I understand what's happening on my favorite Battlestar. I can't even form a theory that makes a lick of sense. So I'll just say this - show, please to be not making Lee broken and Adama destructive (way to role-swap there, writers) and Tigh sympathetic and Anders absent (that one happens far, far too much, dear show. We need more Anders. Naked Anders, if you can manage it.). Oh, and somebody give Katee an Emmy. Girl is long overdue. That is all.

As for Heroes... last week, it was Papa Bennett for the win. This week, Papa Bennett owns my soul. They also managed to sell me on a new Outoftheblue! pairing - Nathan/Nikki. Seriously, the hotness. kalenodonnell has informed me that this duo is nothing new, but nobody let me in on the secret. I was iffy on Malcolm McDowell as Linderman, but he's so delightfully, unapologetically evil that I just can't find fault. The pot pie comment was nearly the death of me. And Peter needs to be the show's resident scream queen. Has more gut-wrenching wailing been heard since Nathan Fillion in "War Stories"? Methinks not.

Of course, my ever-present "War Stories" heart shredding has been tainted by the ep's commentary, and Alan Tudyk's "it's headless Wash!" hillarity. I know I shouldn't be laughing at that scene, and yet...

Also... Dead!Simone for the win! *sings* Ding dong, the bitch is dead, which old bitch, the Heroes bitch, ding dong, the boring bitch is dead...

Sorry, my glee could not be contained. Here's the thing - I am a brown girl. (And I say brown because a} I'm rather cream-and-toffee-colored, and b} I'm a mutt, so "brown" is the easiest label I've found.) And when brown girls like me see other brown folks in not-so-brown ensembles, we want to like said brown individual. Really we do. It's a solidarity thing. That said, I couldn't bring myself to like Simone - a two-dimensional character in a dynamic, multi-dimensional cast. So I can rejoice in her death without guilt. As long as Jessica doesn't off my beloved DL and Mohinder lives through his Mama Winchester ordeal, there are still brown heroes for me to love.

This show's on a roll, people. It's gaining on that coveted second spot on my fandom list. Beware, brothers Winchester!

Also, The Black Donnellys is losing me already. Can't pinpoint exactly when... Tommy/Jenny star-crossed action? Good. Jimmy beating fellow inmates with the pay phone? Still with you. Tommy - the self-proclaimed "good brother", if you recall - suddenly becoming a criminal mastermind? Yeah, not so much.

Though, in all fairness, stripping down to the tighty-whities? Totally worked for me.

So the boy and I are huddled together on the couch, screaming at Heroes, when a commercial for a totally different set comes on. You know, the ones in a half-shell.

Him: I think I've gotta see that.
Me: Uh... why?
(blinks at me as if I'm slow) It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Me: No, it's TMNT. Like the New Kids reincarnation.
Him: Hey, I loved them as a kid.
Me: Yeah, but are you a kid now?
Him: Between the hours of four and seven.

Sometimes he's too cute for words.
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