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In a nutshell...

A few scattered fandom-y thoughts for the day:

Smallville has always been ridiculous, but they hit an all-time high (or perhaps reached epic new lows) with "Beast". The conversation in the Writers Room that day must have been something along the lines of "Alright people, for one day only, Chloe Sullivan is Lana Lang. We're going to surround her with our three hottest men (and Jimmy), and let them angst and brood and generally have a Chloe-feuled cage battle of testosterone. Davis will be murderous and territorial, Clark will be sulky and in denial, Jimmy will be bitter and crazy-eyed, and Oliver will be baiting and butthurt. Scraps for every shipper! Everybody on board? Go!" I was counting down the seconds until one of them peed on her. In related news...

Sam Witwer is far too good for this show. Let's just hope the CW doesn't snap him up and suck him dry, so he becomes a mere shadow of the awesome he used to be (sadly, I'm looking at you, Hartley).

The Unusuals continues to be positively made of win.

I've gone and gotten invested in another show that a) I really didn't like in the beginning, and b) is basically gasping out its last breaths. I blame G. While I'm on the subject, though...

1} This show is the TV equivalent of a Bryan Singer franchise. Slow to start, but builds to something better. You might be underwhelmed and bored out of your mind by the setup (see X-Men), but the payoff is usually worth it (see X2). Sadly, the punchline (be it cancellation or X3) is almost always ruined by Fox.

2} The cross of the martyr may have been less Helo and more Tahmoh. Unless Joss' take on Ballard was heavily influenced by Penikett's BSG counterpart, I'm beginning to see a portrayal pattern here. Obsession with The Girl (who turns out to be The Cylon or The Doll). Risking life and limb to save said obsession. Overly-defined sense of pious righteousness. There's an air of Helo 2.0 in here.

3} Squicks aren't always a bad thing. This damn show had an incest-y kiss, the imprinting of a friend-bot (aka the construction of a Perfect Woman, whose mind and soul are not her own), and questionably-dominating sex with a known Doll. In the same episode! And it was all totally fascinating from a character point of view.

4} Joss still has the Midas touch. At least when it comes to casting. In the beginning Harry Lennix and Reed Diamond kept me watching, but the young bucks are coming on strong. Dichen Lachman surprises me every ep. As much as Topher still squicks me sometimes, Fran Kranz is a gem. But the real find is Enver Gjokaj, who is, for at least a few minutes every episode, the best thing the show has going. Kid needs to be a star, stat.

5} Alan Tudyk blows my mind. That is all.

The fifth and final round of lantis_lims is open for business. Come join us, won't you? I can almost guarantee it'll be better than the fifth season of the actual show.
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