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And you Chuck girls know which "whoa" I mean.

From the beginning, this has been my Little Show That Could. But the Could became Does with the start of this season - week in and week out, it is my fandom happy place. The perfect slice of escapism, feeding me kernels of kickass, adorkable, pop-culture referencing goodness. And it never stops growing, topping itself again and again and again, getting better with each passing episode.

Just the thought of not having it to look forward to every week is enough to break my heart. But after last night's finale, a Chuck cancellation would make Hulk smash and the Baby Jesus cry. I mean, Morgan. Manhugs. Ellie being adorable. Awesome being Awesome. Chuck finally getting paid. Jeffster! tearing into Mr. Roboto at the wedding, complete with roman candles. Daddy Orion taking out the Big Bad. The advent of Colonel Casey, Wedding Planner. The return - and subsequent demise - of my beloved Bryce. (I'm much less traumatized the morning after, now that I know Matt Bomer's USA pilot was picked up.) And my line of the TV season, from Dr. Awesome - "Son, why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?"

I just... I need my show. Be Awesome, NBC. Give us back our Chuck.

As if that weren't bad enough, I am seriously, madly, wildly in love with The Unusuals. It's Amber Tamblyn back on my TV, and Adam Goldberg being brilliant as always, and Harold Perrineau reminding me that he doesn't suck, Michael did, and Jeremy Renner finally getting the kind of mainstream material and exposure he sorely deserves. The cast has insane chemistry, which contributes hugely to the greatness, but... God, the writing. Just reading the pilot made my week. The show itself is unbelievably smart and sharp, and getting to watch and enjoy and appreciate a show from a writer's POV is so rare for me, and I actually love two opposite-sex leads together without it being shippy, and all of these things mean that it's going to die.

*sigh* At least I have you, Supernatural.
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