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Welcome to the Dollhouse.

Not much of a warm welcome, I'm afraid.

I was initially prepared to break down all of my Issues (capital "I") with the show's pilot (read: I will e'splain), and then couldn't work up enough energy to care (read: no, is too much. I will sum up.).

Stacie: this
Stacie: is not issues
Stacie: it sucks
freneticfloetry: frankly
freneticfloetry: the whole thing smacks of dark angel, brothel style
Stacie: Oh YES
freneticfloetry: it's like
freneticfloetry: hello, i'm joss whedon! come have a gander at my TRANSGENIC HOES.

In conclusion... Do better, Joss. And look on the bright side: there's nowhere to go but up! Because you can't do any worse than last night's steaming pile of shit, that's for damn sure.
Tags: drive-by posting, oh john ringo no, there are no words, tv: dollhouse
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