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...and prozac.

Nicked from just about everyone on my f-list, I give you Shuffle Poetry. It's kind of like Magnetic Poetry, but you get a soundtrack!

1. Put your playlist/MP3 player on shuffle.
2. Write down the first lines of the first twenty songs.
3. Post the poem that results.
4. The title is the first line of song twenty-one.

I've Been Watching You and All You Do

There must be some way out of here
All our times have come
I remember hearts that beat
I did my best to notice
Hearts are worn in these dark ages

Time to tell me the truth
Rain turns the sand into mud
I used to rule the world
I am the crisis, I am the bitter end
Why don't you just go away

How have I come to this
Hello I know there's someone out there who can understand
When you came to me, with your bad dreams and your fears
Been up all night staring at you
What ever happened to my part?

I heard there was a secret chord
I'll sing it one last time for you
I'm a soldier on a battlefield
I've been down this road before
You are my sweetest downfall

Hee. I kind of love mine. Shades of bad high school poetry.

Much like attempt_unique, I skipped past non-English songs (lest I end up with I am the crisis / I am the bitter end / sento nell'aria il profumo di te. Which, translated, is actually kind of creepy cool.)

Bear McCreary - All Along the Watchtower
Alana Davis - The Reaper
Matt Nathanson - Still
The Killers - Human
Sarah McLachlan - World on Fire

Sara Bareilles - Between the Lines
The Weepies - Somebody Loved
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Switchfoot - The Fatal Wound
Matchbox Twenty - All Your Reasons

Sherie Renee Scott - I Know the Truth (Aida)
Chris Cornell - Preaching the End of the World
Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms
Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight
Sara Ramirez - Diva's Lament (Spamalot)

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Snow Patrol - Run
Ben Kweller - This Is War
Joshua Radin - You Got Growin' Up To Do
Regina Spektor - Samson

Title is Save Ferris - Let Me In

I shall return later with actual content of worth.
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