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History starts now.

After going on the hunt for a newspaper this morning (you'd think I would've learned my lesson after the primary and the general election, but I did manage to get a Red Eye, which featured a cover silhouette of the back of Obama's distinctive head with the headline "Showtime"), I grabbed coffee and old fashioned donuts and headed to my parents'.

I think we all held our breath a bit as he stepped out onto the podium. When the crowd was asked to stand, we stood. As the audience clapped and yelled, we cheered along. We shed a few tears during the course of the speech. But the most amazing thing about today, for me - and perhaps the most amazing part of this entire ordeal, from a personal perspective - was getting to share it all with my 88-year-old grandmother, who never thought she would live to see this.

So today, we celebrate. Chicago celebrates still. Tomorrow, we work. I have a feeling they'll be a bounce in my step as I head into the office. (Unless rolling out of bed at quarter to six to dart into CVS for papers kills it dead.)

Welcome to Washington, Mr. President. Keep making this South Side girl proud.
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