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This land belongs to you and me.

So this is me owning my blubbery: I totally cried during the We Are One concert. Multiple times, even.

I cried during Bruce (though, admittedly, "The Rising" gets to me). I cried during Garth (seriously, the sight of him singing "We Shall Be Free" - the song that made me a Garth fan - to a president of color just blew my mind, and I was a soggy, weepy mess). I cried (and squeed) during Groban (hello, singing with Heather Headley. That is the dream duet of every Grobanite/Broadway nut. And that dream is a wet one.).

Most of all, I cried and clapped and cheered my way through Seeger and Springsteen doing "This Land is Your Land". All of it.

The lack of artist introductions said it all, for me. This group of phenomenal people didn't come together for the recognition. They all took the stage to pay tribute - to Obama, yes, but to America as it could be, and the part of that dream this election represents. Say what you will about the man himself, but there is power in that. And though I could have done without the two shaky seconds of Beyonce power note that closed out the show, I teared up again at the whole lineup flanking the stage behind her - performers and presenters alike, singing along, grinning and clapping and crying themselves.

For those of you who missed it, HBO is replaying it throughout the night (free in a lot of areas), and is also webcasting simultaneously on their website. Watch. Sing. Cry. Hope. All that good stuff.
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