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Oh for crack's sake.

Tonight, a spontaneous fit of nostalgia got together with the byproduct of my evil fandom-converting ways. Plot against me, they did. Oh the plotting. Perhaps I never stood a chance - my last-ditch effort to get someone, my tell-it-like-it-is someone, to berate me out of it went horribly awry. I think they got to her before I did.

The battle was bloody. The bunny was triumphant. A "WTF?" crossover was born.

The premise itself, broken down, is actually pretty plausible. It's the principle of the thing that's cracktastic. The crossed fandoms themselves. I can't even wrap my head around how I got here. But I'm writing the damn thing.

I blame Stacie. Oh yes. *points crooked Color Purple fingers of blame*


That is all.
Tags: bunnies!ofdoom, cracktastic!, curses! foiled again.
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