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My Yuletide, let me show you it.

yuletide authors have been unmasked. Huge, epic thanks to symphoniac who wrote the gorgeous Stardust story, Pretences, that is mine all mine. If you haven't read it yet, please do so immediately. Flail appropriately and make me proud.

I wrote Of All Our Yesterdays (Sunrise, Sunset), for alighiera. I think everyone on my f-list who's actually heard of this series has already read it, but there's the reveal, anyway. Heh.

Exploring the boys of the Black Dagger Brotherhood was entirely new to me, as was writing litfic at all - there was lots of struggling on which way to go, style and tense-wise (about 3000 words in, the whole thing wanted to go present, and I had to beat it back into submission). And as anyone familiar with the series knows, Ward has a... distinctive writing style. The language is very specific to the universe, and it became sort of a challenge to emulate it.

The biggest surprise of all, I think, was Phury's POV. I'm a fan of each of these brothers, and love them all in their own ways, but I hadn't thought Phury and I had connected enough for me to write fic centered on him. What wound up on paper, though, was more a glimpse at my favorite boys, Vishous and Zsadist, from Phury's (admittedly fucked-up) headspace. At the core of it, it really became about the idea of him having a blood twin in Z and a sort of emotional twin in V, and being at odds with them both.

Overall, it was so much fun to write (despite unplanned cameos that insinuated themselves just to mock my word count - I'm looking at you, Rehvenge - numerous "why won't you just END?" tears, and one particularly ugly incident with a fire ax and a flamethrower), and I sort of love the way it turned out. I'll be posting it 'round these parts later. In the meantime, thanks again to darkmuse_ic and Stacie for their glorious beta skills, all the #yuletiders for their cheerleading (especially attempt_unique, who might have given me said flamethrower), and the marvelous magic-making mods who kept the whole show running. My first Yuletide was a blast.

Happy New Year, f-list.
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