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Bitchiness abounds.

I need to stop following links on my friends page, less they're fandom pretties or FOB band!spam. In the last few days, I've read about people holding uploading music hostage for comments, a waitress assaulting a disabled child, and today, SPN fandom drama. The first was humorous, the second was horrifying, and the last is... horribly annoying. And a little thought-provoking.

Sure, I have become a fandom whore. I'm actively writing in Firefly, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and Heroes, and I've written a few others in the past. My biggest to date, though (at least so far), is, of course, Roswell. My initial thought, reading through the SPN drama - the feedback faults and clique complaints and bitterness in general - was that I was glad my core fandom exists and thrives outside of the wilds of LJ. But it made me wonder if people don't take the same issues, even in our private community.

And yeah, I know there are Roscoms out there that are built on issues and drama, but let's set them aside, since - let's be honest - they seem to like it that way.

At PA, I suppose I'm considered what LJ fandom rules have deemed a "BNF" (big name fan - and yeah, I had to look it up). And a quick glance at my f-list reveals the rest of the roundup. There are a few names missing, but the majority of my friends list reads like a "Who's Who" of Polar powerhouses. But these writers are my friends. These are people who took me under their wings when I emerged from lurkdom a few years back, with no qualms and no reservations, and did the same with new folks after me. I've spoken to most of them every day for years, and not just online. I've met quite a few of them in person. We share bonds and ties that extend far beyond fandom.

And I suppose, to people who don't know all of that, we must look like a clique.

I could hope that's not the case, but I'm not going to hold my breath. What I do hope is that PA's readers, as well as the board's other authors, know that we're not fire-breathing fic dragons of death. And none of us are in it for fandom fame, either. Never were. We keep PA running because it's an amazing environment. We write because it's what we love to do. We share for all of the Michael/Liz fans out there who read, who don't write, who are lifetime lurkers. Feedback is lovely, but we're not going to hold stories hostage without it. And we make an effort to embrace new people, to nurture fresh talent, and to keep the community alive.

All that said - if any of you authors, readers, lurkers out there don't feel that's the case, please speak up. Seriously. I know I'm not the only one who would want to hear that.

Wow, I said "seriously." As its own sentence. Way too much GA, Courtney.

On a decidedly-less drama-fueled note, this week's SPN Friday Five.

1. We see that the episode are starting to "recycle" some of the season one monsters. What monsters would you like to see revisited?
I'd actually love to see them revisit the Daevas from "Shadow." But that could be all the bloody!Winchester love talking.

2. In the season one finale, Sam draws the devil's trap onto the impala and explains its function, and although this symbol is not brought up again, the episode title is Devil's Trap. What do you think is its the significance?
Wait... wasn't the Devil's Trap what they used to lock Meg in place (and later, Meg-in-Sam)? Maybe I've just been slow all this time.

3. What is your favourite season two episode so far? And why?
Ooooh, that's tough. My knee-jerk reaction is "Tall Tales" - I'm not sure if that's because it's the newest, because it was a break from the norm and a pause in the heavy, or because it was so damn hilarious. But I think my fave so far this season has to be "Born Under a Bad Sign", for evil!Sammy alone. I mean, come on! "My daddy shot your daddy in the heeeeead...".

4. Sam or evil!Sam?
See above. I love Sam, I do. He's sweet. He's adorable. He's such a brave little soldier. But evil!Sam is gloriousness the likes of which cannot be measured.

5. If the Winchester brothers got tossed into another fandom (TV show, book, etc), which fandom do you think they'll be the most at home in? Which one would they be the most out-of-place in?
If only Smallville was a better show. Ah well. Honestly, the Jossverse would fit the boys like a glove. Angel, specifically, I think. It's dark enough, with that perfect dash of snark... Sam was a shining star in the pre-law game, and Angel just happens to own a law firm. Could there be a more perfect cover? Plus, the thought of Dean, Sam, Spike, Lindsey and Gunn sharing the same space is enough to make a girl spontaneously combust. On the flip side, I just can't see them in one of the futureverses (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica) or doing something like SGA, Alias, or The Unit. In the case of the former, I'm a big fan of timeline continuity (or a damn good way around it or reason to scrap it). As for the latter, the whole military vibe is waaaaay too structured for the boys. And too "there's no 'I' in team," come to think of it. The brothers Winchester are their own army.

And finally, a quick meme of geekdom (since my rambling is never complete without a meme of some kind).

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can know what a dork you've always been.

1} John Travolta :: Vinnie Barbarino!!! My first crush ever. I love him to this day. Travolta, I mean. Though Vinnie's still up there.
2} Christian Bale :: The flame that will never die. I remember seeing Empire of the Sun as a kid, but it was watching Newsies and Swing Kids in high school that did me in.
3} Jonathan Brandis :: I think it was Ladybugs that did it (he was still all gangly and goofy-looking in the second Neverending Story). seaQuest cemented it, and it even survived the awful Chuck Norris farce.
4} Cary Elwes :: Who didn't love the Dread Pirate Wesley? Sad fact: I can still recite his "to the pain" speech, word for word.
5} Richard Dawson :: Okay, here's my dork fuel. But I adored the man. Still do, when there's an old ep of Match Game on GSN. He was witty and clever and initiated my love of great smirks.

Tagging all you heffers.
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