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We can hardly stand the wait...

Oh, how I love that song. Since I'm not doing NaNo this year, I decided yuletide would be my writing exercise for the season. I'm starting small - offered to write in nine fandoms. It's exciting, in a way - I've always written in fairly large fandoms, though I love so many tiny ones. Getting a chance to write in one is a bit of a rush.

As is getting a story of my very own! So without further adieu...

Dear Secret Santa,

First, thank you so much for volunteering your time and talent to craft a special story for little old me. You are all kinds of awesome.

I'm a big fan of angst, have a soft spot for character studies, and have transitioned from mostly-het reading to a serious addiction to gen. Banter, symbolism, bizarre metaphors, and pop culture inserts are all high on my list of favorite fic aspects. Slices of life always fascinate me - I enjoy the moments in between, when it's about the dynamics between the characters and not necessarily huge plot points. I love UST (though I'm not sure how that relates to my requests, save any Vishous/Butch interaction), insight, and small touches with big meaning.

My squicks are few: overwrought emotion, overly-fluffy anything, happy endings for happiness' sake, incest (though I know Imriel/Sidonie kind of counts there), and any of my dark boys being flaw-free and overly verbose.

I'd love any one of my requests, for different reasons, and I'll be thrilled with whatever you choose. For a little glimpse into my fandom psyche...

Kushiel's Legacy Series

Requested: Imriel no Montreve de la Courcel/Joscelin Verreuil. Father and son, communicating by beating the crap out of each other. Training fic with an underlying issue - Imriel's independence? Melisande's shadow? Their dual natures (Joscelin as the Queen's Champion, versus Imriel as the son of Terre d'Ange's greatest traitor)? Angsty, but understanding (as is the nature of my favorite Casseline).

The most important thing to know here is that I love, worship and adore Joscelin Verreuil. He sort of fascinates me, from a character standpoint. I requested Joscelin and Imriel father/son dynamic training fic, which is still at the top of the list. I have a weakness for anything Cassiel-related (training, vows, and the Longest Night vigils, for example), and would love to see character exploration from his POV - what was going through his mind while being held prisoner in Skaldia? What happened during the time he thought Phedre was dead? What was his mindset while Melisande had Phedre locked in La Serennissima? I also love Imriel, Hyacinthe, Ti-Phillippe, Eamonn, and Barquiel L'Envers. To go in a completely different direction, I've been itching for pre-series Delaunay fic as well.

The Island

Requested: Lincoln Six Echo/Tom Lincoln. Comparing and contrasting both sides of the coin.

This film is a strange favorite of mine - I don't think it lived up to the potential it had, but the premise still fascinates me. I would have loved to see more interaction between Lincoln Six Echo and Tom Lincoln, or even a splitscreen look at their lives - their differences, any similarities past the face. I'm curious about this from Jordan's side as well - did Sara die? If so, did Jordan realize the implications of that? What happened to her son? My specifics on this one are fuzzy at best, so I'll trust whatever you choose to do.


Requested: Captain Shakespeare/Tristan Thorne/Yvaine. Deleted scene fic would be wonderful, especially the time we didn't see in their time among the crew. Shakespeare's POV would be even better.

I loved the inclusion of Captain Shakespeare, and would love to see his insight into Tristan and Yvaine. Why is he so sure about all the conclusions he's drawn (Yvaine is the fallen star, Tristan is in love with her)? What happened during their time on the ship? Where the hell do the mannequins come from? Heh. If you can get the crew in there, even better. Or go a completely different way. Have fun with it! This one should be fun.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Requested: Any/Butch/Vishous. Dynamic fic (gen, if you please!) between these yin and yang brothers, even pre-change for Butch. Crossover with Supernatural would be the icing on the cake.

I'm all about the dynamics, especially between Vishous and Butch and the Vishous/Butch/Rhage troika. (And personally, I've been dying to see them through the eyes of Qhuinn and Blaylock, but maybe that's just me). I have a serious soft spot for Wrath being frustrated and out of his element, and Zsadist being prickly and dark and misunderstood. Mary is my favorite shellan, though I also love Beth and Jane. My ultimate shiny happy fic gift would be having the Winchesters in Caldwell, heavy on the interaction between Vishous and Butch and Dean and Sam (perhaps with the latter being alternately thrown and unimpressed, until Zsadist comes into play). Maybe Rhage's alter-ego could be a plot catalyst there. Mostly, though, I just want the boys, doing what they do, old-school style. Perhaps Wrath needs to come out from behind the desk for a night or two. :)

Remember, this lengthy post is full of guidelines and general ideas. Stories want to be told, regardless of details or desired outcome - far be it for me to prevent them from unfolding. If your idea doesn't match my request blurb, don't sweat it. I love these fandoms as a whole, and I'll be happy reading anything great for any one of them.

I'm kind of irrationally geeked about the prospects (and I'm thoroughly pleased with my own assignment). To the bat cave!
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